Céline Dion and Laura Pausini out of the list of best singers

Celine Dion and Laura Pausini. | Source: Flickr and Wikimedia Commons

Rolling Stone magazine has compiled a list of the 200 best singers in history and to the surprise of many, neither the Canadian Céline Dion nor the Italian Laura Pausini are on it. Instead, Michael Jackson does not appear in the ‘Top 10’

Analyzing voices, lyrics, music, career and repercussion is not an easy task and even less when it comes to analyzing the long history of all singers throughout the history of music. But still, Rolling Stone has ventured to do so and the result has caused discomfort among music lovers.

On the list, compiled by the magazine’s staff together with its key collaborators, appear “the best singers, not the list of the best voices”clarifies rolling stones.

Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston, the best singers

So the soul star Aretha Franklin, leads the ranking position. According to the magazine, ‘Lady Soul’ is “the best gospel, funk, rock or blues singer in history”. Furthermore, it is considered “a gift from heaven” and his voice like “the most magnificent sound to come out of America”.

For the American magazine, the singer of songs like ‘Respect’, ‘Chain of fools’ is “the greatest achievement not only in music, but in American history”reason for which “women want to sing”.

In second place is Whitney Houstona “soprano who was as powerful as she was tender”. The interpreter of hits like ‘I have nothing’, ‘I wanna dance with somebody’, ‘Run to you’ or the famous version of Dolly Parton’s song ‘I will always love you’, soundtrack of the movie ‘The Bodyguard’ that Houston herself starred with Kevin Costner, has earned her so that the «standard bearer of R&B voices (Rhythm and Blues)« hold that position.

Two Spanish singers on the list

As for Spanish singers, the American magazine has chosen two from the wide repertoire of voices that make up the Spanish music scene: Rocío Dúrcal and Rosalía.

in a discreet position 139 appears “the most Mexican Spanish” and queen of rancheras, Rocío Dúrcal. The chosen one “Best singer in the history of Spain” Thanks to hits like ‘Amor Eterna’, ‘La gata bajo la lluvia’, ‘Me gustas mucho’ or ‘Fue so poco tu cariño’, Dúrcal is described by rolling stones What “one of the most beloved female artists in Latin America during the eighties and nineties”. All this, thanks to his “moving performances and theatrics of leona”.

For his part, and with only three albums published, rosalia appears in the position 200. According to the magazine, when the Catalan sings “feels like she’s pulling decades of history down her throat”. Likewise, the interpreter of ‘Mal Querer’ and ‘Motomami’, “has a nature that awakens deep emotions in the hearts of listeners”explains the magazine.

Michael Jackson, from ‘King of Pop’ to music apprentice

Taking into account that the magazine has elaborated the ranking based on «the originality, influence, depth of the artist’s catalog and the breadth of his musical legacy» it is strange that Michael Jackson occupies the 86th positionbehind John Lennon, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney or Rihanna.

Although ‘Pop’s king’ «transcended styles and transformed musical expectations» With songs like ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Thriller’, ‘Smooth criminal’, ‘Beat it’, ‘Man in the mirror’, ‘Black or white’ or ‘Heal the world’, the magazine cannot give it much of a position higher by “what we know about his life”. A condition that “makes your music harder to enjoy” and adds that “As her world darkened, her voice became a parodic arsenal of tics”. Despite this, they have granted him this position because “His ability to immerse himself in a song and at the same time seem to float above it, remained unaltered”.

A description of his professional career that has outraged fans and not so fans of the American artist, since they understand that for the magazine, ‘Pop’s king’ turns out to be a beginner in the world of musicbelittling the total and utter domination and innovation of all musical genres, the impact that his music generated and still generates throughout the world, the impressive performances, his emblematic dances, his vocal scale or his brilliant sensibility when it comes to composing.

Michael Jackson at MTV 1995

Another position that has surprised has been that of Bruce Springsteen. ‘The Boss’ He is ranked 77th and is described as follows: “Springsteen’s emotional commitment is always tied to money”. Despite this and taking into account that «His great gift is dynamics. Whispering to a scream is a big part of what he does.”the singer of ‘Born to run’, ‘Dancing in the dark’, ‘The river’ or ‘Born in the USA’ is “easy to make fun of the gruff guy who belts out his verse in ‘We Are the World'”.

Despite being “Queen of Rock & Roll” and have a “authoritarian rule in the eighties”, Tina Turner does not exceed position 55 from the list compiled by Rolling Stone. A fact that has also aroused disbelief on social networks.

Céline Dion and Laura Pausini, the great absentees

However, the great social commotion has been marked by two notable absences: that of celine dion Y Laura Pausini. Both artists have been ignored by the magazine, a decision that has received a response on social networks. “It’s a crime against humanity” either “Your omission discredits the list”have been some of the comments made in favor of the interpreters of ‘My heart will go on’ and ‘Se fue’.

The non-presence of raphael has also caused astonishment to music fans, taking into account that in addition to his many hits he is one of the five singers (along with Bono, AC/DC, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson) who has to his credit a uranium disk. Nevertheless Madonna, Bruno Mars, Joe Cocker, Britney Spears, robbie williams, Andrea Bocelli either Steven Tyler are some of the singers who are missing from a list made up as follows:

one. Aretha Franklin; 2. Whitney Houston; 3. Sam Cooke; 4. Billie Holiday; 5. Mariah Carey; 6. Ray Charles; 7. Stevie wonder; 8. Beyonce; 9. Otis Redding; 10. Al Green; eleven. Little Richard; 12. John Lennon; 13. Patsy Cline; 14. Freddy Mercury; fifteen. Bob Dylan; 16. Prince; 17. Elvis Presley; 18. Celia Cruz; 19. Frank Sinatra; twenty. Marvin Gaye; twenty-one. Nina Simone; 22. Adele; 23. Smokey Robinson; 24. George Jones; 25. Mary J; 26. Paul MCCARTNEY; 27. Dolly Parton; 28. Mahalia Jackson; 29. Chaka Khan; 30. Hank Williams; 31. Luther Vandross; 32. David Bowie; 33. Bessie Smith; 3. 4. Thom Yorke; 35. Dusty Springfield; 36. Kurt Cobain; 37. Van Morrison; 38. Curtis Mayfield; 39. Louis Armstrong; 40. Aaliyah; 41. Etta James; 42. Teddy Pendergrass; 43. Ariana Grande; 44. James Brown; Four. Five. Ella Fitzgerald; 46. Mavis Staples; 47. Linda Ronstadt; 48. Tony Braxton; 49. Rod Stewart; fifty. Joni Mitchell; 51. Sade; 52. Mick jagger; 53. Miriam Makeba; 54. Willie Nelson; 55. Tina Turner; 56. Barry White; 57. Brian Wilson; 58. Lady Gaga; 59. Howlin’ Wolf; 60. Kate Bush; 61. Umm Kulthum; 62. George Michael; 63. Robert Plant; 64. Bjork; 65. Minnie Ripperton; 66. David Ruffin; 67. Dennis Brown; 68. Rihanna; 69. Youssou N’Dour; 70. Ronnie Spector; 71. Roy Orbison; 72. Muddy Waters; 73. Hector Lavoe; 74. Patti LaBelle; 75. D’Angelo; 76. Wilson Pickett; 77. Bruce Springsteen; 78. Janis Joplin; 79. Emmylou Harris; 80. Chris Cornell; 81. João Gilberto; 82. Steve Perry; 83. Amy Winehouse; 84. Mangeshkar tin; 85. Johnny Cash; 86. Michael Jackson; 87. Diana Ross; 88. Jimmie Rodgers; 89. Selena; 90. Gal Coast; 91. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; 92. Anita Baker; 93. Stevie Nicks; 94. Toots Hibbert; 95. Vincent Fernandez; 96. Chuck Berry; 97. Usher; 98. Bob Marley; 99. Clyde McPhatter; 100. Elton John; 101. Gladys Knight; 102. Taylor Swift; 103. Leonard Cohen; 104. Aaron Neville; 105. Eddie Vedder; 106. Bill Withers; 107. Lou Reed; 108. Caetano Veloso; 109. Roger Daltrey; 110. The Weeknd; 111. Fiona Apple; 112. Ozzy Osbourne; 113. India; 114. Chrissie Hynde; 115. Erykah Badu; 116. Chet Baker; 117. Patti Smith; 118. John Fogerty; 119. Barrington Levi; 120. Charlie Rich; 121. Jackie Wilson; 122. Donna Summer; 123. Karen Carpenter; 124. Robert Johnson; 125. Joe Strummer; 126. Donny Hathaway; 127. Tammy Wynette; 128. Florence Welch; 129. Rob Halford; 130. Courtney Love; 131. Jeff Buckley; 132. Loretta Lynn; 133. Neil Young; 134. Axl Rose; 135. UI; 136. Lauryn Hill; 137. The DeBarge; 138. Merle Haggard; 139. Rocio durcal; 140. Bond; 141. Christina Aguilera; 142. Russell Thompkins Jr; 143. Luciano; 144. Darlene Love; 145. PJ Harvey; 146. Ruth Brown; 147. Barbra Streisand; 148. Levon Helm; 149. Wanda Jackson; 150. Bryan Ferry; 151. Martha Reeves; 152. Michael Stipe; 153. Mahlathini; 154. Dion; 155. Corin Tucker; 156. George Strait; 157. Robert Smith; 158. Carrie Underwood; 159. Mississippi John Hurt; 160. Mercedes Sosa; 161. Brenda Lee; 162. Francoise Hardy; 163. Bobby “Blue” Bland; 164. Sandy Denny; 165. Ronnie James Dio; 166. Morrissey; 167. Marc Anthony; 168. Debbie Harry; 169.Sylvester; 170. Chris Stapleton; 171. Odetta; 172. John Gabriel; 173. Marianne Faithfull; 174. Buddy Holly; 175. King’s wool; 176. Iggy Pop; 177. Patty Loveless; 178. Tabu Law Rochereau; 179. Martha Wash; 180. SZA; 181. Bob Seger; 182. Jasmine Sullivan; 183 Solomon Burke; 184. Karen O; 185. Alicia Keys; 186. Ofra Haza; 187. Bonnie Raitt; 188. Fela Kuti; 189. Joan Baez; 190. Frank Ocean; 191. Jungkook; 192. Anohni; 193. Brandy; 194. Kelly Clarkson; 195. polystyrene; 196. Paul Westerberg; 197. Burna Boy; 198. Billie Eilish; 199. Glenn Danzig; 200. Rosalia.

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