CES 2024, the world’s most influential technology show, has kicked off and here are its new features


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This Tuesday The 57th CES (Consumer Electronics Show) began at the North Convention Center in Las Vegas, USA. The world’s most important technology event, which runs until January 12, is expected to attract more than 130,000 visitors and more than 4,000 exhibitors from brands, global companies, industry professionals, media and government leaders.

There are a total of 20 pavilions on the 250,000 square meter stage. In the LVCC Central Hall, visitors will find everything related to games, metaverse, XR, audio, video and much more.; The LVCC West Hall features over 250 exhibitors from the automotive sector; and LVCC’s North Hall showcases advances in the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and robotics, smart cities and digital health.

One of the main topics of the fair is artificial intelligence (AI).. This will include, for example, understanding how generative AI is changing the way we live and work, how the advent of AI will affect the creative process and content business, what the future of intellectual property is, how it can be integrated into online devices and robots, among other things.

Other key axes human security (how technology is solving some of the world’s biggest problems), mobility (automotive technology, electric and autonomous vehicles and personal mobility) and sustainability (positive impact through innovations in accessibility, energy, food technology, sustainability, smart cities, drinking water).

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, said the release highlights the critical role the technology industry plays in improving all aspects of the human experience. “CES 2024 will be a hub where business leaders meet, dream and decide,” he added.

The agenda also includes availability (technologies that help people of different ages and abilities) and related to marketing, entertainment and media (in the C Space studio) which explore technology trends impacting content consumption, advertising and consumer behavior.

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One of the most anticipated areas are exhibition pavilions, where manufacturers coming from different parts of the world demonstrate their latest innovations. Some of the attractions that are participating: virtual twin of the human heart from Dassault Systemes and Powerfoyle, solar cell which converts all forms of light into electrical energy. Kangsters Wheely-X is showcasing its stationary fitness machine for wheelchair users, and SK Group has a booth recreating an interactive amusement park (SK Wonderland) with a clean energy train, a magic carpet ride and an electric car.

In addition, the company Honda has unveiled the Motocompact, a compact, foldable and portable electric mobility device. which takes up almost 20% less space than carry-on luggage. In its turn, Before the opening of the event, Samsung presented new items in its line of screens: Neo Oled 8K with artificial intelligencethree new models of gaming monitors, its first TV with a transparent screen (Transparent Micro-LED) and Music Frame, a kind of photo frame with a wireless speaker.

The South Korean brand also arrived with its Bespoke Jet Bot Combo, a new robot vacuum cleaner and mop with advanced artificial intelligence and steam cleaning functions; A new version of the four-door Bespoke Flex refrigerator which integrates the AI ​​Vision Inside feature, capable of recognizing and classifying up to 33 different types of food stored inside. Moreover, lThe second generation of a robot called Ballie, which helps with various household chores.

More news

Colombia is present at CES 2024. We are talking about VTA, a company dedicated to the design and development of smart technologies for the home and office. This time (he participated three years in a row) he announced new additions to its portfolio such as cameras with 4G signal and VTA+Storage service for CCTV cameras.

“Our customers will be able to access this service for COP 10,000 per month, which will provide them with secure remote access from the app and protect the video from physical damage,” explained Fernando Ararat, VTA+ Marketing Director.

Two other Colombian firms that are participating are: Octopus Force, a center dedicated to developing breakthrough technologies for sustainable development, and Talentum Corporation. which focuses on innovative solutions for virtual education.

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For food lovers, GE is showing off a $1,000 smart home BBQ smoker. On the other hand, a bathroom appliance company Kohler Introduces PureWash E930 Bidet Seat (low bowl with running water and flush) that turns traditional toilets into smart ones with Alexa and Google Home support, LED lighting and multiple spray modes.

The Digital Health Summit will showcase innovations that reduce costs, improve health equity and empower consumers to take control of their health. Policies that could impact healthcare innovation, technological advances in mental health care, 3D bioprinting and generative artificial intelligence for the future of healthcare are some of the conference topics.

Taking into account the new era of innovation that is upon us, a panel of experts from around the world offers talks to help understand these social changes and look towards a new future powered by technology. Except, Next Friday, US Senators Jacky Rosen, Ben Ray Luján and Cynthia Lummis will discuss the prospects for key legislation affecting US technology companies and consumers.

Finally, the CES 2024 organization clarified that Of the more than 130,000 people who attended the fair, about 40,000 came from outside the United States.. They even said that more than 150 countries will be represented at the exhibition this year.

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