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He KES For nearly six decades, the event has showcased some of the world’s most important technological innovations. Each year, it announces innovations in more than 40 categories, from robotics and sustainability to entertainment and smart homes. As a prelude to its participation at CES, South Korean company Samsung presented for the first time the products with which it aims to differentiate itself in 2024 in the areas of screens and sound. El Comercio was present for this “first look”, which took place at the iconic Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas, and we can conclude that the future is not only promising, but it actually looks and sounds very good.

The company’s goal is to offer the user an immersive and immersive experience. That is why, when we arrived at the conference room of the event, we were greeted by the characters that accompany us at home when we go to any entertainment event: characters from films, TV series, news, or even athletes. It seemed like everyone was moving away from the screen to illustrate what we were going to see at launch: a greater sense of reality in your home when you turn on your screen or audio device.

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The president Samsung Electronics, S.V. Yun, as well as other senior executives at the firm such as James Fischler, head of the home entertainment division; Lydia Cho, Head of Television Product Management; and David Phelps, Head of Imaging; They were responsible for announcing the 2024 innovations. Two products were without a doubt the big stars: MicroLED transparent screen technology, which makes you feel like you’re seeing something real through a window rather than on a screen; and The Music Frame, a speaker that integrates easily into a variety of spaces because it looks more like a piece of art than a speaker.

Transparent screens, trend 2024

“Yes, it may look like a piece of glass, but in fact it is a screen made of micro-LEDs, really very small chips. Nobody except Samsung offers this technology,” said James Fischler, talking about what is still a prototype of transparent MicroLED screens.

S.V. Yeon at the Samsung Electronics First Look exhibition.

Although transparent screen technology has been on the scene for a long time, the progress presented Samsung He stands out and takes the game several steps forward. “This is the most advanced display technology ever created,” Fischler emphasized during his presentation. At the “first look”, where the transparent MicroLED stand was constantly packed with journalists from all over the world, Samsung showed not one, but three screens with possible design options. We’ll focus on two of them: one that looked like regular glass, and one that had a frameless design, creating a truly immersive visual effect, as if it were a very high-resolution hologram.

Although, as we said, this is just a prototype at the moment, there are many possibilities that are opened up with this type of technology. The presentation, for example, showed an American football match. Transparent screen located on a stand Samsung It felt like you were in the stadium and looking out the window of the box. A way to exercise at home that many will want to try. “It’s a screen that blends into your space. For your home, office or anywhere,” James Fischler listed possible applications.

Samsung’s transparent screen is one of the most notable innovations of 2024.

This ability to disguise technology in different spaces, especially to go hand in hand with the lifestyle of users, is something that Samsung has already explored a line with which it has already achieved very good results: The Frame, to which in 2024 they will add a very attractive audio line. Musical frame. This is a speaker that looks like a piece of art.

Art at home

The Music Frame is a speaker that, when placed in your home, could pass for a painting, photo frame, or poster of your favorite artist. It can be customized to display the image the user desires, and its finish is so detailed that it doesn’t feel like it’s an audio device. Plus, its power cord is so thin that it can be mounted on a wall and is perfectly camouflaged. The sound it offers is high quality and it has the ability to combine 2 frames and connect them to your Samsung TV to get surround sound and create a home theater experience at home that actually looks like a TV.

The music frame looks like a painting, but it’s a speaker.

At the moment, this product does not have a release date or a specific price, although there is something similar on the market that anyone can appreciate: the Symfonisk photo frame from Ikea and Sonos, which costs $259.99 in the US.

Lifestyle line Samsung Currently there is The Serif, The Terrace and The Frame, the latter has done so well that, in addition to innovations in audio, it has an Art Store option, a store that allows the user to purchase paintings by the most famous artists. world (for example, the Prado Museum) that you can have at home. The matte colors of The Frame screens are so perfect that they are indistinguishable from the screen. Besides being beautiful, this technology can reduce energy costs by up to 10% when the screen is in “art mode”.


Maximum customization

During the event, Samsung also unveiled preview versions of the Tizen 2024 operating system, which prioritizes content and personalization across its NEO QLED 8K display lineup. All TVs purchased in the last 5 years receive updates to this software, which selects content based on what the user sees. Additionally, Samsung TV Plus is currently available in 24 countries. This is an alternative that provides free access to 2,500 global channels (25 of them exclusively for children) and a library of on-demand content of films and TV series. At the moment, Brazil is the only country in Latin America with this capability.

The heart of technology

According to Celso Barros, director of visual displays for Samsung Electronics in Latin America, whom we spoke with after the presentation of the 2024 innovations, the biggest star among the new products is the NQ8 AI Gen3, the company’s latest TV processor and the only one that allows for the impressive performance of many of the advertised products .

A new processor that makes Samsung innovation a reality.

“Our most important launch is the third generation NQ8 AI processor because it does everything we need in our TVs, from image upscaling, audio enhancement and power optimization,” the executive emphasized. -adjust the resolution of the content so that it appears in ultra-high quality.

For example, during his presentation, James Fischler from Samsung, said he’s a fan of movie classics, but eighties movies like The Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off don’t look good on current TVs or come out with those awkward black bars, something that’s being addressed by this new processor. which also offers motion detection technology that highlights the part that the human eye naturally focuses on and puts it in the foreground, providing a more realistic image. Other interesting options include Q-Symphony 2024, which seamlessly syncs audio from wireless speakers and the soundbar; and Active Voice Amplifier Pro, which separates voices from mixed audio to avoid those frustrating moments when you can’t hear the dialogue clearly while watching a movie or TV show.

The future of television

Despite the fact that the list of products presented Samsung Since 2024 is a long time, many of them had a common point of view: offering experiences for different users and suggesting improvements to make the technology the company already developed more efficient.

That’s the case with OLED TVs, which now have an option to turn off the brightness, which we were able to test. Usually, when you watch TV, it is usually unpleasant to see the reflection of the light coming through the window, or even the reflection of a white pole or our phones. The new OLED Glare Free technology has achieved such an improvement that even when the screen is exposed to bright light, reflection is minimal, providing a pleasant viewing experience even in daylight.

Another product that is testing the space is the Freestyle projector, which is currently available on the Peruvian market, but which showed its second generation at CES 2024 with a new feature: intelligent edge blending, which allows projections from two devices. Large screen for images, completely portable.

Wireless projector with 8K resolution.

But when it came to projectors, the star of the event was the 8K Wireless, the industry’s first wireless 8K projector that’s perfect for sports and even esports fans. And since we’re talking about esports, gamers have also become the target audience for several new alternatives, such as the new Odyssey Oled models with improved screen curvature for immersive gameplay and options that enable multitasking. But what the company has stood out most is its development of 2D/3D gaming monitors that will allow you to access 3D and virtual reality content without the need for a wearable device.

But this was just the first look at what will be revealed at CES 2024, an event that this year will focus on artificial intelligence and will test everything that the imagination can aspire to.

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