Chabelo’s death shocks influencers and celebrities in networks

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, Mexico and various Latin American countries woke up with the sad news of the sensitive death of American Mexican actor, comedian and presenter Xavier López ‘Chabelo’.

At 88 years of age, the famous driver ceased to exist, who for almost five decades was in charge of the family Sunday program called In family with Chabelo. After this unfortunate news went viral, social networks were plagued with messages of grief, condolences, anecdotes, and various memories about the star who was nicknamed “The friend of all children.”

The trajectory that precedes Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ is long, not only on television, but also in movies and other projects, however the bond that he strengthened with millions of children and families in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries is what It was worth being so loved by millions of people that on the day of his death he they went viral remembering their life.

Personalities from the world of entertainment, politics, sports, social networks, business and any other field expressed their regret and parting words for the interpreter also from Goodbye Superman.

From the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López, the various government officials, stars of Televisa and TV Azteca, athletes of any discipline, comedians and even content creators for social networks joined in the national mourning for Chabelo.

Arigameplays, Juan de Dios Pantoja, Kimberly Loaiza Andrés Manuel López, Eugenio Derbez, Aída Cuevas, Jorge Ortíz de Pinedo, Jimena Jiménez, Gloria Trevi, Tatiana, among many others have expressed their condolences for the death of the character.


I am very sad because Chabelo left us, he was part of my childhood and he made me very happy with his program. May God have him in his glory, “wrote Arigameplays, while Kimberly Loaiza wrote the name of the famous followed by broken heart emojis. Juan de Dios Pantoja also used an Instagram storie for Chabelo.

For her part, the royal singer-songwriter Gloria Trevi also spread a heartfelt message regarding the sensitive news.


Thank you Xavier López @chabelooficial for so much! For those Sundays when my parents slept and my little brothers and I saw you excited with the cataphyxsias screaming and waking up our parents! Thank you for inviting me to your program and helping me to be the Trevi of the 90’s and then after what I lived through… reopening the doors to be the Trevi that I am today… thank you my immortal chavelo Because if death is oblivion with you that is not it will happen… your graduation of this life, may it be beautiful, and for those of us who love you, for your family, your fans and friends may consolation from heaven fall #postage stamps to heaven today for you a good act, to send you a kiss! Thank you,” wrote singer Gloria Trevi.

The singer, dancer and presenter Tatiana also expressed her regret for what happened to the 88-year-old presenter, comedian and actor.


It’s hard for me to assimilate it… So many stories together and so much I learned from him. He was one of the first people who believed in me when I started in childhood and always had his arms open, he advised me and accompanied me on many projects. I feel lucky to have really known him as a friend, as well as the great professional that he always was. Thank you Chabelo, in the end you are immortal in everyone’s heart, “he pointed out.

Eugenio Derbez, who worked on different projects with Chabelo, shared a video with his message and anecdotes with the famous artist.

Relatives have expressed few details about the departure of this American Mexican personality, however there are those who have paid tribute to Xavier López “Chabelo” with beautiful memories, videos or even quite emblematic texts. While entanglements continue to generate trends in honor of him.

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