“Challengers”, a film starring Zendaya, will be a success in French cinemas.

Longtemps is available exclusively on Prime Video, Luca Guadagnino’s film will be released in theaters in France.

Luca Guadagnino. Zendaya. And the triangle, beloved by the bottom of tennis competitions. I will say that after the film’s debut Contenders intrigue. D’autant plus que tout ce qui avait filtré faisait gentiment monter la press. This ad of yours is very thought provoking. Here’s information about the premiere (“Tennis is sex,” actor Josh O’Connor also said in Empire magazine). Purtan, yes Contenders a fait couler de l’encre ces derniers mois, c’est moins pour ses cinématographiques, que pour ses démêlés industriels.

Il ya quelques mois, having learned that the film, and what concerns France, does not pass by the salons. On June 19, a press conference was held dedicated to his future programs. Amazon Prime actually announced that Contenders avoid French cinemas, pointant du doigt la Chronologie des Médias. Fine, Despite the fact that Guadagnino’s film was not created in Mostra and was released at the 80th edition of the Venice Festival, Greve actors and screenwriters are awaiting another decision.

New coup today: learning that the romance between Zendaya, Josh O’Connor and Mike Feist finally ended happily in a hallway in France.

Parole from Prime Video France announces that “ten events without the preceding 2023 are counted that will affect the film’s outing.” Contenders, we now have the decision to release the film in France. Amazon MGM Studios has partnered with Warner Bros, our longtime partner to bring content to classrooms around the world.

One of the outing dates for the instant filter, but most of all there is impatience on it as I watch the gradients and decorate the tennis film like the others.

Pour the descent into the dance ContendersstarEuphoria incarnera Tashi Duncan, a young yellow ball prodigy who displays prowess on the course. In the evening she was a seductress for two other young men who fought for her. Tashi va devoir choisir mais surtout, elle va devoir encaisser une serious blessing, qui va stopper net sa carrière…

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