Champion with the Houston Astros ANNOUNCED RELEASE FROM MLB

When we talk about dynasties in MLB, we have to mention teams like San Francisco Giants between 2010-2014, New York Yankees between 1996-2000 And Oakland Athletics between 1971-1975 Of course, we might get some information that will make us think about Boston Red Sox or St. Louis Cardinals. However, we cannot leave aside Houston Astros between 2017-2023, 2023?

Brantley has 15 years of experience in the MLB system. Two-thirds of this time was spent with the Cleveland Guardians before landing in Houston Astros. Among the accolades he achieved in the major leagues were five invitations to the MLB All-Star Game and a World Series ring.

Farewell Houston Astros: Michael Brantley Announces Retirement

Michael Brantley He played 1,445 games in the majors. Overall, his offensive line was .298/.355/.794, the result of 1,656 hits in 5,566 official at-bats. He hit 129 home runs, 720 RBIs and 758 runs scored. He has 348 doubles and 25 triples and 125 RBIs.

Player Houston Astros Now 36 years old, he has been one of the best strikers of the last decade. But in recent years his health has deteriorated. He played just 64 games in 2022, continued to have shoulder discomfort in 2023, and was only able to join until the end of August.

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