Champions League 2024: Luis Enrique fuels doubts over Mbappe’s participation in the Champions League

Luis Enrique just walked through the press room at Real Sociedad’s home analyze the return a draw with a clear advantage for PSG after the score was 2:0. Princess Park. There’s a game on the table… and Mbapp.

How did it happen that everything revolves around Mbappe:: “It’s easy: you accept what the journalists ask and answer what you want.”

Mbappe is eliminated from the Champions League, as in Ligue 1: “Draw a little, my translator is blocked. The translator doesn’t understand this. Was Kylian in the middle? He doesn’t understand the question, it’s something about Mbappe, but he didn’t understand. Nothing happens. (Journalist) translates “Maybe, yes, maybe not, who knows.”

Return with Bara: “If we do the same and they do the same, the first game will be 0-2, but there are variables that affect it. A goal can change the game. Tomorrow will no doubt be difficult due to the level of the team. team, coach and atmosphere.” “But when we are children, we dream of such games. You need to be ambitious, you don’t need to speculate and you need to go for the game. The goal is to win the game, not the pass.”

Advantages and disadvantages: “We have strong players and we have less strong ones, because it’s part of the process. After so many new players there is a lot of room for improvement, but I think this is the best moment of the season for us. This is the final and I hope we can compete even better.”

Change in attitude after the change?: “The match is so important that there is nothing more to comment on.”

Play Nuno Mendes?: “We are going through the normal process, he could start, although not for the whole game. We are happy to have him back because he is a differentiated player in his position. I’m happy for him and for the team, it’s great.” It will be very good for us.”

PSG and the champions: “All return matches are difficult, even with a better result than this one. This is a result that can be misleading if you don’t come out prepared, if you come out confused, you’ll be mired in misery, and we’re going to try. To prevent this from happening. We are experiencing an exceptional moment in terms of results and dedication, I can count on 23 players who came with full guarantee.”

Eleven: “I don’t trust experience or quality, I choose based on what I see. There are times when I change on the last day if I see that a player is flying. I don’t look at age or experience to tell me.” very little.”

Changes in design, reason: “I expect the team to get the job done and approach the game the same way they have all season. We are clear on the goal and I have confidence in the team, but I’m sure it will be difficult.” “

How do you approach a 2-0 game?: “Everything is going well, I think the environment is very attractive: the city, the competition. With great excitement, this match and training are now special. I’m really looking forward to it.”

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