Champions League: Kanye West’s unlikely stay in the stands of San Siro as part of the Inter-Atlético championship

Milan is a city of football, but also a city of fashion. On the occasion of Fashion Week, which began on March 20 in the Lombardy city, the names of world stars are ont posé leur valise en Italie. It is also an opportunity for sports fans to take advantage of the Champions League final between Inter and Atlético Madrid. Parmi eux, American Kanye West.

L’artiste – connu pour son travail dans la musique mais aussi dans le milieu de la mode – s’est déplace au stade Giuseppe-Meazza dans une tenue remarquée. All black and white, 46-year-old America has a cagula. Celle-ci restores the integral appearance, and includes everything.

Do you see the second moment of the match? Seoul is waiting for an answer. While accompanying the woman, Bianca Censori, the rapper learned about the poor filial equipment that made it impossible to determine her features.

In case she was not surrounded by an aura, the American star was not a great choice. In an unsuccessful match, sometimes I was not able to be present at the 35th minute for the card to be registered. In addition, the other big final of the evening, between PSV and Dortmund, saw celebrities in the stands.

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