Change of Barça’s plans for the presentation of Vitor Roque


It’s been a week since Vitor Roque left for Barcelona to join Xavi Hernandez’s team. Since then, the Brazilian has lived a few crazy days, full of emotions and showing that he is well aware of the great expectations his arrival has generated among the fans of FC Barcelona. especially now that he is about to be officially presented as a player in the culé organization.

And after the Brazilian landed in El Prat last Wednesday and then posed in emblematic places in Barcelona, ​​Sport reported that January 3 was chosen by Barça for the “pearl” to be fully dressed in azulgrana. However, in the end, it seems that the event was decided to be postponed, as they did not want to distract attention from the fight with Las Palmas.

The Brazilian’s presentation will take place later than expected

Barça’s new idea would be to wait until the cules play in the League and Copa del Rey against Barbastro. After the third day was ruled out, it was stated that it could be a fifth day before the cup duel, although it appears that this too will be ruled out. The plan now is to officially unveil the scorer next week, likely January 8th or 9th.

In addition, Javi Hernandez is expected to hold his first press conference of the new year, propose the squad and leave everything ready to begin the trip to Gran Canaria to play a League match against Garcia Pimienta’s former club Las Palmas on Thursday. Thus, Vitor Roque seems to continue to live days full of emotions and work.

Before the presentation, the Brazilian, along with his teammates and the Barça coaching staff, visited the boys and girls admitted to the main hospitals in Barcelona. This team trip comes as Three Kings Week approaches and is repeated after last year Barca were able to return to the traditional meeting after a couple of years without doing so due to Covid.

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