Changes at the Ciudad de los Deportes stadium for the 2024 Clausura.

We present the modifications that the stadium is preparing for the matches of Cruz Azul, América and Atlanta.

Administration Sports City Stadium prepares the final changes for the start of activities in Closing 2024.

Blue Cross will be the first team to play its home game in what has been its home for 22 years: “Blue Stadium” today with its original name Sports cityand real estate in the Nochebuena area has already been virtually transformed.

On Saturday, the cement workers will host Pachuca in the debut of the two teams. Closing 2024 belonging Liga MX And Blue Cross is working to change the common areas of the stadium through a system of replacing the identity, shields and sponsors of the clubs that will host the stadium: Blue CrossAmerica and Atlantis.

Since they have to share home court with America and Atlanta, everything will have to be left for Saturday with the identity of Cruzazulina, and after the match, when the celestials leave the stadium, everything will disappear to establish the identities of the team that will use the next property.

By agreement of the teams, the color of the locker rooms and benches will be neutral.

That is why it was decided to cover the benches of the local and visiting teams, as well as the referees, with blue fabric, since this is the color used by the three teams that will use Sports city stadium throughout the year, in addition to painting the locker rooms white.

The amazing thing is that to this day Barça remains the stand.

In all these great changes in the arena located on one side of the Avenida de los Insurgentes, we must not distract the attention of the technicians and workers who will be responsible for the work of donning and doffing, since they will be the most important actors. on the move Blue Cross And America.

The stadium administration promised that its people would immediately sort out the identity Blue CrossSo on Sunday, the day the Atlanta Colts host Zelaya on the same field in the Expansion League, the building will once again take on the Barça look.

For several weeks now, residents Blue Cross They are very particular about the placement of celestial themed items, especially the giant shields that are placed in the hallways, as well as in the 107-step tunnel leading to the locker rooms.

The same is done in the stands, boxes, locker rooms, press center and official team store. All also with a changeable character.

The boxes have been redesigned Blue Cross and America, so the stadium now takes on a new face, unlike what it was with the horses, due to the small budget of the Expansion League team.

It is worth noting that the boxes were distributed. Blue Cross And Americabased on negotiations for each team to have its own exclusive boxes for the use of its members and their families.

As for the locker rooms, each player’s box is also personalized for each Cruzazulino, but in a “remove tapon” mode. That is, they remove the pictures and numbers of Atlanta players from their respective lockers to accommodate pictures of each Cruzazulino. And so it will be with the azulcremas squad.


Shortly before the official arrival Blue Crossstadium field Sports city looks good as well ESPN Digital moved out two weeks ago.

It should be noted that the same type of grass was used as at Azteca Stadium, which is used on the pitch at Cecapa (Training Center).

It is assumed that the arrival of cement workers at the stadium will be the same as several years ago; in front, from the supermarket side, and the props and employees will leave after the end of the match from the Plaza México side.


Blue Cross and America have ordered structures to be built at the top of the stadium to house their sponsors, and the Cruzazulinos are scheduled to bring their sponsors this Wednesday to find out where they will place their advertisements.

By the way, this Tuesday he was visiting Sports city stadium Diego Ramirez, Sports Director of America.

The portal reported that director Aguilas arrived to inspect the field and boxes that will belong to America.

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