Charles reveals himself: “I am neither Beyoncé nor Angèle, I am advancing little by little”

Since winning “The Voice in 2019”, Charles’ life has been particularly eventful. Between the excitement of launching her career in music, her personal stories, and the health crisis, the 21-year-old young woman has a lot to tell. With “Until We Meet Again”, she continues to present her universe, after her first EP released last year.

Last year, it was with an EP that you presented yourself to the public, but this time, you come with an entire album. How is the flavor different?

Charles: “In our time, it doesn’t change much, apart from the symbolism. It’s an achievement and it’s imposing, so I’m very happy that it came out. But the Charles adventure started long before, as soon as I released the first single. I consider this release more like a new chapter, but the presentations had already been made a while ago. »

“Until We Meet Again” was composed in less than a year, which is a rather fast time for a record, did the time also seem short to you?

“Yes, and if I had to do it again, I would certainly take more time, but if it all happened very naturally. Coming out of the festivals last summer, I entered the studio with the aim of composing new songs, without thinking about the album. In the end, so many things happened in my life that I had a lot to talk about and inspiration. So it was quickly decided to turn it all into an album and the timing was perfect, but I just wanted to tweak one or the other before releasing it. »

Ph. H. Dean

Your artist name, Charles, is a reference to your deceased grandfather and the title “Didn’t get to say goodbye” is also dedicated to him, which shows the importance it covers. What did he do to hold such a special place in your heart?

“We had a very special bond since I was little and we were very close. He taught me a lot of things, especially about the nature that surrounded me. He had a crazy amount of stories to tell about his paracommando past and I drank in his words. It was a very special relationship and he was the first relative to whom I wanted so much to leave us. So I wanted to take his first name as an artist so that he would accompany me throughout this adventure. »

Between Matthew from Puggy, Julien Joris from Delta, and Jeroen from The Subs, we can say that your record has a very Belgian touch. Is there a form of solidarity and mutual aid within the microcosm of the Belgian music industry?

“At the moment, many artists are making a name for themselves and arriving on the Belgian scene. We often meet at events and we all support each other in a natural way between Belgian artists because we know that it is a small country and that we have to stick together. There is no competition or competition between us and, if we can make each other grow, it is with pleasure. »

Despite the fact that this is only your first album, you already have a few prestigious stages to your credit (Werchter, Spa, Ronquières, le Botanique). Do you manage to realize everything that happens to you or is it sometimes difficult?

“I must say that when I found myself in Werchter, the stress was at its peak. But sometimes we go from that to an audience of 50 people. It’s not the same thing, but it forges you and I’m going step by step. I’m neither Beyoncé nor Angèle, and I’m making progress little by little, in particular thanks to the fact that I’m very well surrounded. »

You have yet to experience a tour without Covid restrictions. Do you have the feeling of really meeting your audience since your dates in 2022?

“It happened more like last year, but I realize I have a growing hardcore fan base, mostly girls. I also realize that I reach an audience of all ages, which is so cool! Now that the Covid-19 is less present in our lives, it also changes the links that I can maintain with the public. I love interacting with people! »

VSharles will perform in Belgium:

August 28 at Scène-sur-Sambre, in Thuin

On October 20 at the Ancienne Belgique, in Brussels

In a few lines

This is what we call a sensational entrance! After a first EP in 2021, Charles is already back a year later. And it must be said that the artist’s analysis is correct: it offers very interesting titles throughout “Until We Meet Again”, but it probably lacks some adjustments that could have been made with a little more time. . With these, we had perhaps one of the albums of the year… However, we never tire of the very punchy “Systematic”, “Miss You When You’re There”, or even “Never Fair”. Attention, artist to follow closely! 4/5

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