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Practical jokes ONCE and state lotteries and betting belonging Friday, February 2, 2024 They bring millions in prizes. He Euromillions Today from 21:00 the pot is accumulating 17 million euros And Eurojackpotwhich simultaneously presents its award-winning acts in Spain, has another 43 million euros.

He ONE couponin which a prize of 6 million euros is drawn at 21:25, and the results are announced five minutes later Bonoloto. Result Triplex And Super Eleven They are published daily at 10:00, 12:00 and 21:15.

Bonoloto result

Winning combination of Bonoloto from State lotteries and betting this Friday, February 2, 2024, consists of numbers 31 45 16 39 1 10. The refund has been applied to all numbers ending with 5 and additional number 17.

Euromillions result

Winning combination in the draw Euromillions This Friday marks the following: 13 42 27 23 20. The winning numbers corresponding to the stars of this European lottery are: 9 and 5. Million corresponds to code XSV95461.

ONCE Cuponazo result

He ONE coupon On February 2, 2024, the following winning numbers remain: main – 62183. The series will stop at 113.

Eurojackpot result

Prize Eurojackpot This is for the combination 13 17 21 30 39which are complemented by two “suns” 8 and 11.

ONCE Triplex Result

He Triplex Friday’s ONCE Awards award the following figures

  • First draw: 483
  • Second draw: 410
  • Third draw: 741

Super Eleven Result

Draws Super Eleven They give out the following combinations as winning combinations:

  • First draw: 01 04 07 08 13 fifteen 24 26 27 32 44 46 48 49 53 55 74 81 83 84
  • Second draw: 06 11 26 38 41 44 45 49 50 51 53 56 60 62 68 71 74 76 79 84
  • Third draw: 36 39 17 55 52 81 76 29 75 04 66 78 83 06 21 25 27 47 43 46


Bonoloto works like this: small copy of La Primitiva. The prizes in this drawing are not as high, but the tickets are more affordable. The player must choose six numbers from 1 to 49, just like in the original La Primitiva game, and the payouts will be random. The drawing is held every day, each bet on the draw costs 50 cents, and at least two must be made for the ticket to be valid. The player can make one or more bets. With an express bet, the chances of winning are higher, but the ticket price also increases. Finally, this drawing allows you to participate in drawings for the rest of the week in addition to the daily drawing.


This prank is happening on the international level. It is jointly managed by nine operators from different European countries. This is one of the games in which the biggest prizes are awarded to participants who manage to find the right combinations. This is an active lottery in which the player must select five numbers from 1 to 50. In addition, he must select two stars with numbers from 1 to 12.

Spain, France, UK, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland. These are the nine European countries responsible for this international gambling game. The sum of prices always corresponds to the currency of the country in which the game is played. In Spain, the price of lottery tickets is 2.50 euros. 50% of the total amount is allocated for prizes, the maximum jackpot that can be won is 200,000,000 euros.

ONCE draws

ONCE’s drawings include lotteries through which the National Organization of the Spanish Blind receives part of the funding for its social work. The most famous of these is the ONCE daily coupon, which has been celebrated for 80 years and consists of a five-digit combination from 00000 to 99999. The Friday draw is known as Coupon, which has special prizes. It costs 3 euros and with its help you can win 6 million euros. Both have prizes under the Win Both Sides system, which gives prizes to those who share four, three, two and one of the first and last digits with the winning number.

They are also celebrated daily Triplex And Super ONCE. Both draws are held three times a day: at 10:00, 12:00 and 21:15. In the Super ONCE draw, 5 to 11 numbers are selected from 1 to 85. There are 20 numbers drawn in the draw and prizes vary depending on the number of numbers bet and the number of bets placed. Triplex awards €150 to those who correctly guess a three-digit number, although there are smaller prizes for refunds or if all three numbers are correct but not the order.

Finally, Eurojackpot It is celebrated every Tuesday and Friday on 18 European Community countries including Spain, similar to Euromillions. It consists of choosing five numbers from 1 to 50 and two other shapes called “suns” from a total of 12 possible numbers. It offers a guaranteed jackpot of €10 million, which grows every week unless there are top-notch winners.


*PLEASE NOTE: is not responsible for errors or omissions. The only valid official lists of the results of the various draws are those published by the National Organization of Spanish Blinds (ONCE) and the State Lotteries and Betting (SELAE).

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