Check ONCE Daily Coupon: Results for Today Monday, February 12, 2024

Check ONE daily coupon
  • The ONCE daily coupon draw takes place from Monday to Thursday at 21:30 with a top prize of €500,000.
  • The winning daily ONCE coupon number for this Monday, February 12, 2024 is 27704, episode 036. Return numbers are 2 and 4.
  • You can check the results of all previous ONCE draws here.

Lucky number in ONCE daily coupon for this Monday, February 12, 2024:

27704 Series 036

Return numbers 2 and 4.

ONCE Daily Coupon Draw This is the oldest lottery of all ONCE draws. From Monday to Thursday it offers a €500,000 prize for a number plus series and a further 49 prizes of €35,000 for a five-digit number.

In addition, it distributes Paymentequivalent 36,000 euros per year for 25 years.

How to participate

Coupon value Daily coupon This 2 euros. To participate in the drawing, you will need to purchase at least one coupon for this product at any of the Official State Administrations and Lotteries.

Have reward with:

  • Five figures: 49 prizes of 35,000 euros.
  • The first four and last four digits.
  • The first three and the last three.
  • The first two and the last two.
  • Even the first and last number.

That is:

  • 1 prize of 500,000 euros up to five figures and series.
  • 49 awards 35,000 euros up to a five-figure amount.
  • 450 prizes of 250 euros for the first four numbers.
  • 450 prizes of 250 euros for the last four digits.
  • 4500 prizes of 25 euros for the first three numbers.
  • 4500 prizes of 25 euros for the last three digits.
  • 45,000 prizes of 6 euros for the first two digits.
  • 44,550 prizes of 6 euros for the last two digits.
  • 445,500 prizes of 2 euros for the first figure.
  • 405,000 prizes at 2 euros for the last digit.

And again and again: If you guess all five numbers and series, you will be awarded 500,000 euros!

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