check the draw result and Triplex, Super ONCE, My Day today, Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

hourToday is a great day to be one of the lucky ones in ONE daily coupon. From BRAND We’ll tell you what the winning combinations are so you can find out today’s daily coupon results.

Result of today’s ONCE daily coupon draw

  • Awarded number:
  • Award-winning series if you play La Paga:

ONCE Daily Coupon: How much does it cost and how can I participate?

The Daily Coupon price is €2.00. To participate in the drawing you will need to purchase at least one coupon for this product in any of Administrations and official state lotteries.

The ONCE daily coupon does not run daily.

Draw ONE daily coupon This happens from Monday to Thursday, so in many cases it can be confusing to think that it happens every day. In La Paga, the name given to its award-winning series, this is one of the players’ favorite prizes, as they can receive a “payout” of 3,000 euros per month for 25 years.

Today’s ONCE Triplex results

  • First triplex draw (10.00):
  • Second triplex draw (12:00):
  • Triplex third draw (21:15):

When are the ONCE Triplex draws held?

ONCE Triplex draws are held from Monday to Sunday. and as we mentioned earlier, we have 3 draws on the same day, one at 10 o’clock (rooms can be purchased until 9:40 am). AT 12:00, this is the second draw and you can buy your number 20 minutes before the start of the draw, that is, until 13:40. Finally the last one is at 21:15.and until 20:45 we can buy our participation.

Where to buy ONCE Triplex?

ONCE Triplex numbers can be purchased on the official ONCE website. ( to any ONCE at the seller or at authorized points.

Results of today’s Super ONCE

  • Result of the 1 Super Eleven draw:
  • Result of the second Super Eleven draw:
  • Result of the third Super Eleven draw:

Super ONCE: how to play

So you can play Super draw ONCE All you have to do is visit the official ONCE institutions, or also buy Super ONCE right on your website. You will need to select a combination of numbers before the first draw takes place. Due to work schedules, you may not be able to purchase your prize on weekends, so try to claim it during the week. After selecting the numbers you want to participate with, simply you will have to wait to see the winning results the opportunity to emerge as a winner in any of the three with a single ticket of the day.

Results of today’s My Day draw

  • Date of victory:
  • Lucky number:

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