Chicharito Hernandez is very happy to come to Chivas; but it’s not official yet

After days of rumors about a return Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez To Chivasall the details of the negotiations between both parties began to come to light and were gradually confirmed, as the striker broke his silence and stated that his desire was to become part of the “Sacred Pack” again.

So He stated this during his latest broadcast on his Twitch channel.where he assured that both he and his team of representatives, as well as the board of Rojiblanca, have made important efforts to ensure that interests coincide and the prodigal son returns to the place that shaped him as a footballer, made him a champion. and gave him the opportunity to move to Europe.

The Mexican striker confirmed that negotiations are underway with the board of the Sacred Pack about returning to Liga MX.

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“I’m looking forward to returning to Chivas. This week. My representative will be in Guadalajara. We are putting in a lot of effort on both sides. I have offers from other teams, but my priority is to return to the Pack,” the 35-year-old forward commented during the broadcast.

Return of the idol

Over the past few years, including the last of his career in Europe, fans Chivas They constantly asked for “Chicharito” to be brought back due to the lack of consistent targets in the lineup. Liga MXto the point that he changed names many times in the position in which the Mexican shone his light during his career.

“How can I not worry? I’m returning to the team that saw me into the world, that gave me the opportunity to go to Europe.. There have been negotiations, although it seems that there is certainty, there is also a lot of uncertainty, I know where I want to go and I want to go to Guadalajara.”

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The most important mission

As for the goals he faces, Javier Hernandez He knows that there is only one option that is acceptable to both the club and the fans; the long-awaited 13th championship title, which was close to achieving the title in Closing 2023where did they fall before Tigers in the final after going into overtime.

“I would love to sign it, but I can’t yet. I don’t know whether I’ll come or not (13th), but I went to Manchester United and we won the league 19 and 20, I’m just saying,” he said. Chicharito during its broadcast, which was followed at that time by up to 5 thousand online viewers.

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Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez He is not at his best and far behind was that disruptive player who could change the game at any moment, as in recent years Guadalajara has been talked about more about what he does on the street than on the pitch.

The torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee that Chicharito suffered last year and due to which he was unable to continue playing and was cut Los Angeles Galaxyhas left Hernandez Balcazar unable to officially return to the field of play and one of his options is to return to the field. MX League.

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