Chile orders curfew for Valparaiso and Marga Marga communities due to wildfires

(CNN Spanish) — Chilean President Gabriel Boric ordered a state of constitutional exception for the provinces of Marga Marga and Valparaíso due to the forest fires, Sofía González Cortés, presidential representative for the Valparaíso region, reported this Saturday.

The official said a curfew was also imposed between 08:00 am (local time) and noon in the communes of Limache, Villa Alemana, Quilpué and Viña del Mar, with the aim of facilitating the deployment of logistical and emergency means.

On Friday, the National Disaster Prevention and Response Service (Cenapred) reported that Valparaíso and Marga Marga were declared on red alert due to three wildfires, which by that time had affected a total of about 565 hectares.

The most widespread fire so far, reported Friday, is in the Las Tablas complex and Lago Penuelas reserve in Valparaiso, affecting 480 hectares. Senapred indicated In a newspaper.

The other two fires are in Lo Moscoso, in the Quilpe and Vila Alemana communes, affecting an area of ​​80 hectares, and on Dos Locas Road, also in Valparaíso, causing damage of 5 hectares.

Senapred reported that due to this situation, the evacuation of some areas of the Villa Alemana commune was ordered.

CNN has not been able to determine whether people have been injured or killed in the fire.

Borrick said In your account on social networks Government forces have been deployed to control the fire. He also revealed that he ordered Interior Minister Carolina Toha to hold a meeting of the Risk and Disaster Management Committee (COGRID) this Saturday at 12:30 (local time).

Boric asked citizens to follow instructions from officials and avoid putting themselves at risk.

editor’s Note: This article has been updated with additional information.

With information from Omar Fajardo.


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