Chiquis Rivera bathed in honey boasts the cover of her next album


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Chiquis Rivera revealed the cover of her next musical album, which is called “Queen Bee” and will be released this Thursday, May 12.

The daughter of the late Mexican singer Jenni Rivera posed for her album cover wearing a golden crown and what appears to be honey runs down her face and body. Accessories, nails and a dress that barely stands out because it is strapless, all in gold, complement the look of the interpreter in this important image.

“The official cover of my album ABEJA QUEEN that comes out this May 12”The Mexican wrote when sharing the photo on her Instagram account.

The text also highlights that the photograph was taken by nothing more and nothing less than Emilio Sánchez, her photographer boyfriend.

Chiquis Rivera’s publication has received more than 36,000 likes and more than 700 comments, among which are those of her fans telling her that they can’t wait to listen to the songs on the album and the hundreds of messages of support and congratulations.

Chiquis Rivera recently captivated her audience by being seen wearing a small dress that barely covered her rear. In addition, the Mexican interpreter paraded on her back and crouched down to show a little more of her rear attributes. This publication of the singer has achieved more than 185,000 likes and more than 6,200 comments on Instagram, a social network in which she enjoys having more than 5.2 million followers.

Also, when he attended the Latin American Music Awards 2022, he showed off two very sensual outfits. One was the one he wore for the opening act of the musical event and it was a set of pants, bodysuit and white jacket. Her breasts stood out due to the design of the body and the fact that she herself opened her jacket to show off her figure even more.

After the award, He was seen on the streets of Las Vegas with a black outfit, tight to his body and with a particular design on the front, while parading to and shaking her long hair while smiling.

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Chiquis Rivera bends over and shows the rear in a dress that covers little

Chiquis Rivera shows off her sensuality in a pink doll-like suit

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