Chiquis Rivera raises the temperature with a tight translucent dress | PHOTO

dressed like a golden queen. Chiquis Rivera announces the launch of its new beauty setcalled “Queen Bee”, dressed in a shiny and translucent look, plus a touch that matches the colors of its new line of cosmetics.

flashes of passion

sitting on a sofa resembling a golden throne, Chiquis Rivera carries a long sheer fitted dressat tgolden onoswith a hair in light brown that matches her appearance. The special seal bears it on his head with a crown of Queen.

when he stands up raise the temperature. there let us see your figure that with that dress throws flashes of passion.

We also see her with another sheer dress fitted in brown, with sparkle decorations What do they do shine your figure. In attire with which you can see her worked legsThanks to the cropped skirt of your attire. Of course the crown of the “Queen Bee” could not be missing.

Finally, the Chiquis Rivera sparkle more with a night dressalso fitted, but now it is not transparent. A clear sign that he wants to captivate us with your figure. There let us see how it is used the lipstick honey color on her lips.

A publication that captivated its 5.3 million followers in Instagram. Which has a few hours of launched, already exceeds the 31 thousand likes. In addition to compliments on his comments and an infinity of emoji of fire, hearts and love faces.

“Queen Bee” is not an occurrence

your line of beautyof course it is a direct allusion, to his most recent musical production with the same name “Abeja Reina”. A name that has a deeper meaning.

The name is related to the foundation “BossBee Nation” (Boss Bee Nation), a movibento led by the singer. East organism focuses on helping young people through scholarships and also provides support in cases of mental abusedomestic violence among other charitable causes and personal growth for people in need.

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Chiquis Rivera raises the temperature with an extravagant outfit, she bathed in honey! | PHOTO

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