Chivas are in talks to sign Daniel Rios to the San Jose Earthquakes


As Chivas prepares for Clausura 2024, the board is looking for reinforcements. One of them will be Cade Cowell, so the Sacred Pack negotiates for this player.

Negotiations are underway with Daniel Rios to link up with Cade Cowell.
© IMAGO/Icon SportswireNegotiations are underway with Daniel Rios to link up with Cade Cowell.

Less than a week until the start Closing 2024, Chivas played his last friendly match after surpassing Zelaya 7-1. On the other hand, given the possible arrival Cade Cowellconfirm that Daniel Rios This will be part of negotiations for the arrival of a Mexican-American attacker.

Guadalajara is looking to strengthen its squad in the best way possible to make a difference in an increasingly difficult market. For this reason, they have decided to put maximum effort into a few players who will give them a quantum leap in their attack.

On the other hand, before the 2024 Clausura they confirm that The Sacred Flock is close to completing its arrival Cade Cowell. However they advise that a Chivas item will be entered as payment, so The San Jose Earthquakes gave the go-ahead for his arrival in Verde Valle.

According to Alex Ramirez and Jesus Hernandeznear Daniel Rios who currently has no place in the team Fernando Gago and will be leased for a period of one year. In turn, they reported that as part of the negotiations, an agreement was reached that the Sacred Flock would hold a friendly match in the city. PayPay.

Daniel Rios may be involved in negotiations to acquire Cade Cowell as the paying party. (Photo: Imago7)

Despite this, Chivas will have to pay money for Cade Cowell to become Guadalajara’s new player.. The same report indicates that the Rojiblanco team will have to pay $2.5 million for him.

Efrain Juarez warns of Chicharito Hernandez’s arrival

Efrain Juarez, the former coach of Chivas, said that the return of Chicharito Hernandez will benefit Guadalajara, but it is not the solution to all sports problems. ““Rojiblanca fans need to have a certain calm and a certain caution, because if you think that the sporting decision will be his, I don’t think so.” he pointed.

Alexis Vega was overlooked by Fernando Gago

This afternoon, Chivas played their second friendly match ahead of the 2024 Liga MX Clausura, beating Celaya 7-1. On the other hand, for today’s game, Fernando Gago once again left Alexis Vega relegated in his two teams.. The striker has decided to fulfill his contract with Guadalajara and is expected to be out of minutes.

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