Chivas: Christian Calderon and the phrase that infuriates fans

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Chicote had some very harsh words when he was introduced as America’s newest player.

Christian Calderon is America's new player.
© Club AmericaChristian Calderon is America’s new player.

Christian Calderon starred in one of the most relevant transfers on the Ukrainian transfer market Closing 2024. Chikote did not reach an agreement with the leadership of the Sacred Pack and will now defend the colors of America, an operation that caused a lot of noise in Liga MX.

The left-back was involved in an episode of indiscipline along with Alexis Vega and Raul Martinez, which saw him suspended from the squad for several weeks. Christian Calderon did not accept the terms of his contract extension with Chivas de Guadalajara and will now be in the ranks of their eternal rival.

Although it took too long for Chicote to be confirmed as America’s new addition, the truth is that the former Chivas de Guadalajara uttered words that infuriated the red and white fans. And Christian Calderon assures that Águilas is the largest club in Mexico..

“They talk a lot about my arrival, but I prefer to prove myself on the field. People received me very well. When I came here, my family saw my happiness. I think that here, in this club and in this institution, is the best thing in the world.»– the football player said in an interview with the official channels of America.

Chikote will not start in America

Despite all the noise created by the signing of Christian Calderon with América, The truth is that Chikote will not be able to start.. The left-back will have to earn a starting position with arch-rivals Chivas de Guadalajara, so he faces an extremely difficult road ahead.

According to journalist Gibran Araigue, Christian Calderon will come as a replacement for the US national teamat least by the beginning of Clausura 2024. Andre Jardine’s first choice will be Luis Fuentes, an experienced defender who will continue to play for the Azulcrema club for another six months.

It is worth noting that Chikote accepted a number of articles dealing with problems of indiscipline, and this is an important condition for the Aguilas to agree to hire him. That is why it will have a number of demands similar to those put forward by the board of directors of Chivas de Guadalajara.

Survey Do you think Christian Calderon will succeed in America?

Do you think Christian Calderon will succeed in America?

Yes, he has the level to achieve this.

No, he doesn’t have the necessary discipline.


When will Chivas and America meet each other?

Chivas and America will meet on March 16.

The sacred flock already knows when it will meet Aguilas in the Clausura 2024, knowing the Liga MX calendar. The Rojiblancos will play the National Classic on March the match corresponding to the 16th round, which will take place from 21:00 (Central Mexico time).

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