Chivas: Footballers’ Association defends Alexis Vega

This Wednesday, the Mexican Footballers’ Association (AMFpro) came out in defense of the red-white player.

The romance between Chivas and Alexis Vega seems to have no endbecause this Wednesday the Mexican Footballers’ Association (AMFpro) came out in defense of the red-white player.

Given reports that Rebaño may freeze Vega after he did not accept the terms of the sale to Cruz Azul, That AMFpro issued a statement that, although it does not mention Guadalajara or the footballer, does contain hints of a warning..

A professional player with a valid contract cannot be excluded from the squad and/or train separately as a measure of pressure from the Club. force him to accept terms or conditions that are contrary to his human, labor and sporting rights (…) any offensive behavior, whether on the part of the Club or the Player, aimed at forcing another to terminate the contract or change its terms hereof, will constitute a justified reason for termination for the counterparty,” the Association said in a statement.

Having failed to reach an agreement with Cruz Azul because he was unwilling to accept the conduct provisions that La Maquina sought to impose, Alexis left Chivas without the opportunity to receive any amount of money for the footballer’s serviceswho chose to terminate his contract with Flock and then move to the team of his choice for free.

This situation was not received very well in Guadalajara.and given the possibility that the Guadalajara board will freeze his contract for the remaining months of his contract, the Association plans to take action on this matter.

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