Chivas released the 14th album for Chicharito Hernandez; Ricardo Marin will be 19 years old.

Path to arrival Javier Hernandez as Chivas reinforcements, he has fewer and fewer obstacles, since even They’ve already released issue 14. for him to carry it.

Previously used Ricardo MarinChicharito will return to Chivas with the number he used, which gave him excellent results, and therefore the number 14 currently appears without an owner.

What did Chivas do to release issue 14?

And for this, sources said break that Chivas requested permission from Liga MX, since according to the rules, no element can change numbers in the same football year, as in the case of Marin.

You can only change your number in the Apertura, the tournament that opens the football year.

The permission came from Liga MX and Javier will have no problems with the number with which he left Chivas and with which he scored many goals.

This is part of the hiring process for Hernandez, who very close to completionbut it could last at least another week.

Among the issues to be agreed upon is the length of the contract, with Chivas aiming for one year with an option for a second and Javier Hernandez bidding for four tournaments.

Negotiations are ongoing and announcement coming soon which they hope will be held with great fanfare.

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