Chivas would select Cade Cowell, who was selected from the United States.

Cade CowellThe 20-year-old player, born in Ceres, California, will be on the radar of Guadalajaraversion that is supported after received your mexican passport in the city of San Jose.

In accordance with Fox Sportsin a couple of weeks there was a rapprochement between Chivas and San Jose earthquake directives a player who works as a striker and has already defended the US national team.

It is explained that the Sacred Pack’s proximity to Wasserman’s agency would help the negotiations move forward, despite him being a player who has already attracted attention in European footballwhere his name is associated with clubs such as Bayern Munich, Juventus, Milan and Newcastle.

Cowell already has a Mexican passport.

Interest in the version arose precisely on the day when Cowell received his passport from Ambassador Alejandra Bologna.who expressed his approval on social media.

“We gave a Mexican passport to San Jose Earthquakes star Cade Cowell, a soccer player who is proud to be a dual citizen.”

Who is Cade Cowell and why can he play for Chivas?

Cowell was born on October 14, 2023 and is able to play with the Holy Pack thanks to Of Mexican descent through his mother Amber Maldonado..

After excelling as a goalscorer since childhood, he was called up to the Quakes academy in 2018 until he made his first-team debut in March 2020.

He was called up to the US national team in both the junior and senior categories. where he has already performed eight performancesAccording to USMNT.

He has always been convinced that he represents this country without hindering the opportunity to play for Chivas, given that he is Mexican by birth according to the Mexican constitution, thanks to the fact that his mother was born in the country.

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