Chloé x Atelier Jolie la marque d’Angelina Jolie: premiere collection now available

Angelina Jolie is not the most famous talented actress or Brad Pitt’s ex-wife… she is officially the creator and founder of her own fashion brand. Atelier Jolie. If you label this message about it, there will be more attention. And at the box office – a collaboration with Chloe, which awakened a love for the star’s style. From the first communiqué it is clear that the famous warrior achieved great ambitions when his brand could realize itself, and Atelier Jolie was immediately presented as a collective that allowed new talents and know-how to be revealed. Once you see some campaign photos in late 2023, the two brands will be officially unveiled. for sale this premiere collection. The result, chic and minimalistic, comes in painted envelopes in black and white, beige and brown. Côté coupe, la sobrieté est de mise avec des nuisettes, des Vestes Capes et des Jupes Intégrant de la Résille. This is un sans faute pour Angelina Jolie and Chloe.

Angelina Jolie, creator of the suivre regime?

Au delà de l’intérêt is responsible for this collection (puisque Chloe and Atelier Jolie ont les mêmes Engagement Ethiques), it is interesting to note that global aesthetics is within our focus. Indeed, you cannot miss the reincarnation of stars in the universe of beauty and fashion. And memes with Victoria Beckham or Rihanna were very good, in these profiles on the two main pages. Angelina Jolie acknowledge the exception and give a vest like you with a touch of elegance plus! For these principles and the most important values, the collection is made up of 80% materials that truly make an impact, as well as an elegant conference silhouette, Atelier Jolie does not have a special label. Encore faut-il que votre portefeuille suive lui aussi…

Our looks from the Chloé x Atelier Jolie collection

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