Chris Brown denies charging $1,000 for dating fans

Accused of teasing his fans so they can have a special time with him, Chris Brown organize his defence.

Chris Brown bills his fans

If Breezy communicates on its social networks in recent hours, it is not to promote a new project. Rather, the singer of R&B with a sulphurous reputation took the floor to respond to the accusations against him, after Internet users pointed out the fact that he makes his most loyal fans pay the whopping $1,000 to meet him : ” Warning. When artists perform concerts (all artists), they offer something called “VIP Pack”. I haven’t met my fans for 7 years. I have the coolest fans on this planet. I really appreciate them. These are memories they will keep for the rest of their lives. On the contrary of these slammed artists who will not even look in the eyes those who allowed them to be where they are. I only exist because of my fans who saw something in me that I never thought was possible. So I’m 100% with my fans. »

Since the publication of the message, the rapper BLEU has come to the defense of Brown: “$1,000 for a souvenir you’ll keep for a lifetime isn’t too bad. You won’t remember when you’re old, only paying bills. »

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