Christian of Denmark, the only unmarried royal prince

Following the proclamation of his parents as King of Denmark, prince christianThe 18-year-old has become one of the most sought-after bachelors in Europe. Until recently he was romantically linked to the princess Maria Clara de Bourbon-Two Sicilies19, until the Italian heiress denied engagement rumors and insisted: “Prince Christian and I have a close friendship. We have known each other since we were little, my father charles “He’s his little sister’s godfather.” The rumor sparked when they were photographed together at the Monaco Grand Prix last year.

eldest son of Frederick And this Queen Mary It seems he is happy with his new role and this was evident last Sunday when he looked very confident and natural during the celebrations for his father’s accession to the throne. He was smiling and greeting the crowd that cheered him along with his brothers princess elizabeth16 years, Prince Vincent And this princess josephineBoth are 13 years old.

To celebrate her 18th birthday, last October he hosted a gala dinner for her at Christiansborg Palace, and among the guests were future European queens. An interesting incident happened during the party. Danish student and actress Anne-Sophie Tornso Olesen, The 18-year-old girl left her gold stiletto shoe for Christian to find. It was the cleaning staff who located him when they picked him up that very night. Prince Christian asked the Palace to post a photo of the heel on social media with this message: “When the guests at the gala party went home, this single stiletto shoe was left at Christiansborg Castle. The owner has to get it back. Can contact. Anne-Sophie, the daughter of a wine salesman, staked her claim to the shoe, saying that she would have liked a fairy tale ending. It was never known whether she returned the shoe personally or whether she returned it to a Sent it to his house with a note.

life away from headlines

At present, Christian likes to keep his personal life away from the limelight. His main priority right now is to complete his higher education at Ordrup Gymnasium, a public school in Copenhagen, and his military training is still pending. According to palace sources, he will only attend a few official events, as he is not yet a full-time member of the royal family. He was the first member of the Danish royal family to attend nursery school and, later, the first member to attend public school.

The King of Denmark with Prince Christian


In 2018, she appeared in the popular animated series ‘The Simpsons’ in the season number 29 episode ‘Grandpa in Denmark’. They had a love story in this Lisa Simpson And joins the list of royals who have appeared on the famous American series. Its first institutional event was to celebrate the centenary of the annexation of the Jutland peninsula into the Danish territory. There, he gave a brief speech and seemed a little nervous at the sight of the press, but as on other occasions he got into his grandmother’s Daisy flower, your best support. And in public they always seem very affectionate and supportive. Like his father, he is fond of hunting, football, he practices running and he loves rap. Just two days ago he became the heir to the Danish throne.


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