Christian protocol error in official portraits of Kings Frederick and Mary of Denmark

It’s been about a week since Frederick of Denmark was proclaimed king following the abdication of his mother, Queen Margaret, and details are slowly being finalized to renew all aspects of the institution based on the new king . In what sense, The throne room of Christiansborg Castle has already been prepared to house the first official portraits of Their MajestiesAs well as other photos in which they pose with Crown Prince Christian and the rest of their children, Princesses Isabella, Vicente and Josephine.

“Series of pictures The photographer was taken by Dennis Stanildmoments after the king’s proclamationWhich happened on January 14, 2024 from the balcony of the throne room,” they report from the Danish Royal House.

Thanks to these photos that have just been made public, you can see in their entirety the look that Queen Mary of Denmark chose for the big day, during the day half hidden by the balcony wall of the throne room from which People had welcomed him. It was a piece from Soren Le Schmidt, a regular brand in the Queen’s wardrobe., The design, in white and with a pencil silhouette with long sleeves and marking the waist with a belt from which emerges a curtain that reaches the shoulders, encircles the neck and falls down the back, is the DNA of Queen’s style. Was impregnated.

protocol error?

Looking closely at the official portrait of King Frederick He poses with his hands hidden behind his back, a very unusual gesture for royalty that could be considered a protocol error, In most cases, royals always pose with their arms relaxed and close to their legs or with their hands folded, but in front and never behind.

It is difficult to find an official portrait in which any member of the royal family mimics Prince Christian’s gestures, and the only person to break protocol in this regard on other occasions is his father, King Frederick X. You know what they say: like father, like son,

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