Chubut governor targets Rama for fire: “They are criminals who have real estate business”

Chubut governor hits out at RAM after fire: “They are criminals who have real estate business” (Photo: X)

Governor of Chubut, Ignacio Torres, Brigade members of the Provincial Fire Management Service, volunteer firefighters from Trevelín and Esquel, will arrive in the city of Esquel this Sunday afternoon to coordinate the efforts of an interregional unit composed of the Forest Secretariat, the Provincial Roads, the Undersecretary of Fire Management. , Risk and civil defense and security zones of the province.

Its purpose is to support the work done by the national government to control the fire that broke out last Thursday night Los Alerces National Parkwhich is already 600 hectares were consumed in this.

“The most worrying thing is that there are indications that the fire was deliberately set.”Torres said. And he added: “Once the fire is brought under control, we are going to launch a very rigorous investigation into those who have been doing this for many years in Chubut. they do this to take land,

Map of the area affected by the fire in Los Angeles National Park

The governor cited, for example, that there is currently “force majeure going on in Los Angeles National Park.” He said that “there should be an exemplary measure” and assured that “that park should be evacuated as soon as possible.”

For this reason, this afternoon he will also meet with Guido Otranto, the federal prosecutor in charge of the case, to speed up the investigation. “We need an evacuation as soon as possible,” he asked firmly.

“We are going to go deeper for justice with the tools we have take out the criminals first who today occupy our Los Angeles National Park And also to find out who started this firehe insisted.

When referring to the capture of Los Alerces, Torres was careful to clarify: “I want to distinguish between native communities, We are doing great work and in fact we recently had a meeting to form a council that will allow us to complete the survey that needs to be done in the province; And what is RAM, they are basically blackmail.

So far, 600 hectares of land has been burnt to ashes due to the fire that broke out on Thursday in Los Angeles National Park (Photo: X)

And he added: “They are criminals who have real estate business and do this work. So the problem is not the natives but these criminals who take land under false flags. They do it in Neuquén, they do it in Rio Negro, they do it in Chubut and I think Now the time has come to put a definite stop to this.”

Los Alerces National Park, located in Chubut province, has been burning for two days and despite efforts by authorities to control the wildfire, the fire is not slowing down and officials have assured that the situation is “out of control”. ,

According to the information given by the Environment Ministry of the country at that time, The fire spread as a result of two ignition sources that were closely spaced, However, as the days passed, the magnitude of the fire began to increase.

This Saturday night, the administration of Los Angeles National Park released the last report of the situation so far, assuring that the fire is “active” and reporting that it has already affected an area estimated at The size is 579 hectares.

“The fire involves two jurisdictions (the national park and Chubut province). “Operations with road machinery have been added to the planned work this morning,” the press release said. Likewise, he announced that for today, Sunday, the Unified Command would deploy “87 fighters on the line, 2 hydrant planes, 2 helicopters with buckets and 1 observation plane”, as well as requiring “more personnel” from the SNMF. . ,

“Although this is a national park area, we are working closely with the national government, all departments of the provincial government, machinery for firebreaks and providing roads to provincial brigade members. Even private companies in the province provided machinery to quickly control the fire,” said Torres, who confirmed he would hold a press conference today at 6 p.m.

The wind in the area is aiding the spread of the fire (Photo: X)

“The landscape is complex due to the presence of wind in the area, But nevertheless, brigade members and firefighters have been working since Friday morning to control the flames and prevent the fire focus from moving further into populated areas,” he said.

Similarly, the provincial leader also assured that all necessary protocols are being adopted to handle these cases, and highlighted that in the last two days, various aerial means have already been deployed, including Are Two hydrant planes and two helicopters.

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