Clavicut, the new summer haircut for those looking to get extra volume

Getting motivated to get a haircut is not an easy task. Especially when you have fine hair, and more doubts arise. In the end, very fine hair usually has quite a few problems. They are bland, poor and if you don’t know how to style fine hair, chances are it will end up being a bit boring. So that you don’t end up going everywhere with a bun and that’s it, you can choose a haircut that gives you extra volume:
the clavicle.

The clavicut is the new haircut that is triumphing this season, and it is the best option for fine hair. It is a type of cut at the level of the collarbone (hence its name), which provides more volume and also manages to rejuvenate the face.

Other advantages of this haircut so
trend is that it favors all types of faces. Why do we tell you? Because surely you will know that there are haircuts that no matter how trendy they are, they do not sit well with all kinds of factions. The good news is that the clavicut does.

It is a mane with more movement than the classic bob cuts.
The hair falls below the shoulders, and maintains a slightly disheveled look.The asymmetrical and casual touch is what helps to rejuvenate the features, which is why it is also recommended for all ages.

Some celebrities like
Ana de Armas, Lucy Hale, among others, have resorted to this haircut because it helps to give their hair more movement. They both have very fine hair, so this type of hairdressing technique helps them to get v
natural volume without the need to resort to products.
But how do you get the clavicut?

Alberto Sanguino, Llongueras expertexplains that “a technique that we have in Llongueras and
It is a partition in the form of a zigzag or star in the upper area. That partition is always cut shorter to build volume. This is something you can give him at any size, whether it’s below or above the jaw.”
For Carlos Fernández, professional at Franck Provost salonscalls it «the safety zone or imaginary line», that high part where we begin to
cut in layers creating movement, subtlety, relief and a feeling of volume. It guarantees that the rest of the hair that falls towards the collarbone will have density.

The clavicut for curly hair

If you have curly hair and you have fallen in love with the result of this haircut, you can do it. According to Alberto Sanguino, in this case, “it is important to blur the layers more and make them wider”.
For curly hair, that star or zigzag with which the layers are made to add volume must be very pronounced. As for the cut, it is better to do it dry according to professionals. “It is best to cut the hair dry, as the wet curl changes a lot and is not the same length as dry.”

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