Colombia tests against the United States and draws without goals

At the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, the Colombian National Team drew a goalless match against the United States in the first game of 2023. Néstor Lorenzo continues to build his idea of ​​the game and this time he tried several players who have just added minutes with the team , among them some of the prominent ones were Dylan Borrero and Yilmar Velásquez. The first FIFA date of the year will be from March 20 to 28 and friendlies have not yet been defined, since the start of the Qualifiers would be in September.

Little in attack and Montero saves Colombia

Colombia started with a 4-3-3 marked in the offensive phase. With Jorman as central midfielder accompanied by the sides by Borrero and Velásquez. The United States had the first with a shot from Aaronson after a cross ball and Valoyes answered with a cross that goalkeeper Johnson cut.

A lot of output on the sides and little generation of play inside, taking into account the characteristics of the players who were starters until Borrero began to move more around that area of ​​the field. In defense, the team had some deconcentrations that the local could not take advantage of. At times, Colombia was more reactive to quickly seek to surprise.

Borrero at times stood behind Arango to ask for the ball and try to build in that area of ​​the field, while he was supported by Velásquez, who had a great display to cut off attacks and Campuzano. Without the ball, the 4-5-1 was notorious in Colombia with Arango as the only striker.

At 33 ‘Montero saved Colombia from the first after a shot from Arriola that the goalkeeper sent to the corner kick. The National Team barely had two direct shots on goal in the first half and Borrero together with Cucho Hernández were the ones who tried the most in the offensive phase. At halftime they left with the score 0-0.

Néstor Lorenzo continues testing players

Chunga and Cambindo entered for the second half for Montero and Arango. Possession improved for Colombia but there was still a lack of presence in the last quarter of the field. Diber’s power was hardly noticeable in 20 minutes of the second half as the United States opted to withdraw and close spaces.

Lorenzo at minute 67 sent Daniel Ruiz and Santiago Moreno onto the field instead of Dylan Borrero and Cucho Hernández. The idea was to refresh the last quarter of the pitch with players with more handling and speed on the sides, to try to break a defense that got into their field a lot. There was a lack of partnerships, but understanding that many had just played together was a good exercise on the part of the coach.

In defense, Colombia overcame the lack of concentration it had in the first half. Pérez and Llinás complemented each other well and prevented the rival from finishing off Chunga’s goal. In the end, Kevin Castaño from Águilas Doradas also had a chance to add minutes, while Daniel Cataño, Andrés Reyes, Nicolás Hernández and Junior Hernández stayed on the bench. Good test for the National Team that continues to strengthen its idea of ​​​​the game.

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