Colombian influencer is held at the Cuban airport: “They thought she was carrying drugs”

A well-known Colombian influencer was detained upon arrival at a Cuban airport, because customs agents thought she had drugs in her buttocks.

Yina Calderón, businesswoman and former soap opera star, arrived on the island on April 12 with her sister and a friend.

As reported by the young woman on her Instagram account, she was held for more than five hours, as the officers suspected that she was carrying hallucinogenic substances camouflaged in her body, specifically on her buttocks, where she has undergone several plastic surgeries.

“I had to show him the scar, they saw us as mules,” he stressed.

Yina recounted that after going through the first filter, she was ordered to go through the X-ray arch.

“I went through X-rays and, as you know that I suffered from biopolymers, obviously, I got a handful of balls in my tail. Those agents once thought that I had drugs in my tail and they set me up. They told me that I He brought drugs and I explained to them what biopolymers were and I had to show him the scar,” he said.

The actress specified that the airport staff forced her to remove the girdle she was wearing to inspect it.

“Imagine, the marking strip. They almost broke it,” he questioned.

When she and her sister thought it was all over, another officer called her and asked if she had tried drugs.

“I told him no and he asked me again what was in my queue (…) So if you suffer from biopolymers and think about coming to Cuba, think twice,” he concluded.

Calderón acknowledged that it is not the first time that he has gone through situations as uncomfortable as this due to the surgeries that he has in his body.

She regretted that because of her hair color and her way of being, she is often considered controversial, but she assured that she would not be able to take drugs to another country.

“That the little drink, that the granita, that the little thing, but never that,” he said.

In 2021, the Cuban authorities seized more than four tons of drugs in different operations against drug trafficking.

According to Héctor González Hernández, second head of the DTI’s Anti-Drug Confrontation, 4,162.23 kilograms of drugs were seized. 80 percent was marijuana, but cocaine, hashish, crack and synthetic cannabinoids were also seized.

“There was persistence and intentionality of Cuban and foreign emigrants to organize operations to introduce drugs into the national territory, for which they rearranged and diversified their actions in various scenarios, such as the air border, postal shipments and unaccompanied cargo,” he said. Gonzalez.

The authorities broke up 21 attempted drug entry operations into Cuba by air scheduled for different scenarios. There were passengers who tried to introduce drugs inside their bodies, in luggage or in electrical appliances.

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