Comme Billie Eilish, Pierre de Maere comme en famille, une combination parfaite pour réussir

Male Révélation aux Victoires de la Musique, young Belgian singer Pierre de Maire regional for music. In 2024 they tour France with their premiere album “Regarde-moi”. The son of Xavier’s brother, Stromae said Lady Gaga plays an important role in her son’s musicals.

Ma vie c’est un délire!” They all look like Pierre de Maire, the 22-year-old Payne who never exploded. lThe Belgian singer will tour throughout France in 2024. they create rare music, everything like Billie Eilish. Advantage of musical influences of all genres, such as Lady Gaga, Stromae or Rita. Mitsuko.

A great combination for artists who have amassed over 60 million streams and are certified Diamond singles with premier titles. Un jour je marierai un ange. Il nous livre are the musical influences in the woods that we recognize in the best manners.

For him, this celebrity is his love for his son and his youth. “I’m jealous that so many people in the world come back to my songs, reconnoiter I’m not interested in a review for Parisian microcosm

Three vite repéré par Cinq7, label Philip Katerina, Dominic A you’re doing an encore Saez, il a d’ores et déjà Signé for plusieurs albums. I’m the prime minister noteunderstand clearly that this is a tube Un jour je marierai un angel. Discover the musical models of Pierre de Maire.

Stromae, this is my compatriotforward Pierre de Maire, most of all it is Surtout mon Idol. C’est lui qui m’a remis ma Victoire en mains propres and the conversation is four minutes

I thought it was very nice, that it was something very good, and that it was genius! This is what inspired me plus my career. The talent for performing French music is very cool and divine, I’m just an absolute fan of Stromae.

If you want to compare souvenirs Michel Polnareff, notamment pour ses percées dans les aigus, Pierre de Maire enjoys great influence Forest Rita Mitsuko, read the image and read the text “UFO”

Je reconnais me en eux, pursuit-il. I met Katherine Ringer And this is one famous person who doesn’t know what it is that I need. She respects you and I love you, bee

Au-delà de la musique, il ya un “Pierre de Maire Project”, author son, de l’image, de l’attitude…

Pierre de Maire

Male revelation aux Victories of Music 2023

L’Estétique Compte énormément dans ce que le chanteur appelle»It was designed by Pierre de Maire.“, et pas uniquecelle de la musique. Lui qui a été Photography de mode dès l’âge de quinze and with respect to his image, these photographs, these clips.

I envyexactly, que les gens ne voient pas que l’audio. The easiest way is to create a universal image.. Aujourd’hui, j’essaie de me endre punk avec le temps qui passe, parce que je faisais trop Barbie until departure

It’s a project, but it’s not. come Billie Eilish with Finneas O’Connell’s brother Pierre de Maire’s son, he was cast as producer son Xavier.

C’est lui qui m’a fait découvrir la chanson My friend, Maxime Leforestier, one of those who shares the larm with me. “Songs that play with font are okay, but don’t go over my head.” “I love music when it makes me dance, qu’elle m’appporte une sorte de joie.”

D’ailleurs, this chanson tears me up when it’s in the opposite sense. Avec Xavier, about his chance to meet and work in an ensemble

At 22, Pierre de Maire imagined the déjà for many years, the lower back of the media scene. “I thought about the wild success that followed… I thought about that when I read the title. Kuand J’saray knockout d’Alene Souchon

I love this singer’s train, surit-il, are Cat-enfant, naive, comm-dance Hello sucks, fool. I am my retrova, this is very touching. Je suis empreint de nostalgie, alors j”imagine déjà vu la fine!

Pour Pierre de Maire, Lady Gaga est ni plus ni moins que sa “simply spiritual and musical“.”Il ya une sorte de verite chez elleanalyze-t-il. On the other hand, if I am true to what I know, it is a blessing to her. Elle m’a donné envie d’etre baroque… Elle m’a influencé musicement mais elle aussi influencé ma vie

Pas étonnant que sa chanson note, titled on the album, are inspired by an anecdote about Lady Gaga’s career. “Their debutsRaconte Pierre, It’s produced in piano bars and people treat it the same way they treat it one day, everything new and on the horizon.


Retrouvez l’album note de Pierre de Maire in physique and on streaming platforms. In 2024, the singer tours throughout France.

(This article was published as a premiere for another form November 14, 2023)

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