Commentary by Emily Blunt in the film by Dwayne Johnson and Benny Safdie “A24”

After the pandemic, “Benny thought he was a ghost,” explains Dwayne Johnson.

Or I, dude, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsonsuperstar du catch became one of the actors of the most successful Hollywood films and announced a collaboration with Benny Safdie. Movie title Destruction machine and etc. Dwayne Johnson and represents MMA champion Mark Kerr. This sports biopic is produced by A24 and is a premiere film only Benny Safdie Afterwards, they meet in a duet with their brother Josh with notation. Good times and etc. Uncut Gems.

In a recent interview with Diversity, Dwayne Johnson Talk about the long process of developing a film and taking risks that can never be seen during the day. Discussion between two men who retired in 2019 within a manufacturing society Rock achieve compliance with the rights to adapt the story. Benny Safdie This is the fastest manifesto for writing and realizing a biopic that is more of a boulevard due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Two men at the place where my projects left off.

Benny, I thought that I was a ghost and that maybe I just knew“, story Dwayne Johnson. Heureusement pour eux et pour le movie, this is an actress Emily Bluntbig friend Rock after cooperation sur Jungle Cruise what does reconnector mean? Benny Safdie after the meeting at the tournamentOppenheimer.

Dwayne Johnson will join the MMA star in place of Benny Safdie at the A24 event.

Star and tarit pas d’elogies sur le talent brother Safdie like a storyteller: “Benny had to create and continue to push back against the limitations that troubled stories, beasts and criminals, authentic personalities, awkward and uncomfortable people.» Destruction machine this is the new defi-pur Dwayne JohnsonA regular in family blockbusters, he can embody a variety of characters, some dark and complex.

However, if these other films do not disappear, they can guarantee that they will diversify and expose new terrain to people: “Je suis à un point de ma carrière où je veux me dépasser. (…) Je veux plus. Je veux plus d’humanité. (…) Je veux faire des Films qui comptent, qui explorent une humanité et explorel la lutte (et) la douleur” decla-t-il. “Que ce soit bien clair, je n’abandonne pas les les Movies grand public. I love the fair and its importance. Now is the time and place for these films» conclusion-il.

There is no information about the date of the sortie. Destruction machinebut on devrait donc and découvrir Dwayne Johnson It’s a new day.

Emily Blunt, famous Barbenheimer: “On doit faire en sorte que cela se reproduise”

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