Complementary therapies are increasingly being chosen to accompany treatment.

Complementary treatments are integrative. They add cultural knowledge to traditional medicine and contribute to people’s health and well-being. Misiones included the practice in government health benefits. Among the most popular are Reiki, flower therapy and Tibetan bowls.

IN August 2022 the province was a pioneer in the statement legislation that includes additional practices and treatments in the field of public health. Some examples of integrative medicine are Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, indigenous knowledge, anthroposophical medicine, naturopathy, herbal medicine, osteopathy, reflexology, reiki, yoga and tai chi chuan, flower essences and others.

Additional treatments

This step in provincial legislation was fundamental for both recognition of consultants in these treatment methods, as for him access to health and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the population.

the rule authorized by the House of Representatives is the best. Guarantee respect for traditional indigenous medicineintegrates into the public health system people who provide empirical health interventions in local communities.

“This a regulatory framework that will make it possible to formalize all these medicines, make them visible and recognized,” states Carlos Rovira, a provincial lawmaker and leader of the Renewal Front, in the bill.. During the sanction, he assured that This innovation puts Misiones on par with countries that have already implemented it. in their healthcare system, like in France and Spain.

Are many additional treatments who help people accompany moments, situations, processes and traditional methods of treatment. Therapists appreciate the legislative initiative and insist on the importance of understanding that they complement each other and are not alternatives.

“Additional therapy helped me get through chemotherapy.”

Former provincial deputy, Rita Nunez diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2023. In October, during the pink month, he said that accompanied the treatment of pathologywith complementary medicine, anthroposophical and homeopathic.

Rita Nunez, provincial deputy, mandate completed.

Nunez emphasized that It was a pleasure to be able to accompany the entire cancer treatment process with complementary treatments from the very beginning. “I didn’t have nausea, only once. I didn’t have that many side effects. I accompanied traditional medicine with anthroposophical and homeopathic medicine. “This natural palliative medicine helped me get through my chemotherapy in the best possible way,” the MP said, referring to a provincial law that allows additional treatments and modalities in public health.

Therapy for which Nunez bowed, this is Viskum.. Supplements added homeopathic according to Patricia Colombana’s indications – infectious disease doctor and anthroposophist. He viscous album It has been a very widespread and accepted phytotherapeutic strategy for the treatment of cancer for several decades, especially in the context of anthroposophical medicine. efficiency observed in improving the quality of life of patients with advanced stages of cancer. Recently, scientific evidence has emerged of an immunomodulatory and antitumor mechanism of action.

Melodies that heal

Among the treatments complementary to Western medicine are: sounds, vibrations and melodies provide healing. Vibrations Tibetan bowls These are ancient methods. Melody Used to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being.. He Nada yoga or sound yoga introduces the art that combines meditation with acoustic reverberations achieve a balance of environmental fluctuations, which, according to this philosophy, They achieve healing of body and mind.

Tibetan Bowls

Usage Tibetan bowls This is a practice that goes beyond Play relaxing melodies and sounds. From instrumental composition before way to play thisthey have meaning that explains how his music helps to align energy centers of the human body known as chakras.

Ana Yoniteacher of Tibetan bowls, explained to Canal12 that the healing technique “It is considered a therapy of the future as it is the subject of many studies proving its effectiveness.”

the bowls are made of seven metalsnecessary to perform its therapeutic function. As soon as The human body is 80% water. The specialist explained that in vibration therapy“If you bring a bowl to training, pour water into it and make it vibrate, the water boils and dances. Thanks to sound massage, which is achieved by vibrating the bowl on the body, anxiety and stress are reduced.”

Moreover, thanks to this therapy They treat Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia and many other pathologies.. Medical research has proven its benefits also in unconscious people. “A person in a coma has no use for their muscles, the Tibetan singing bowl keeps their muscles active so they don’t wear out as quickly,” Yauni explained.

Tibetan bowl therapy can be used as sound massage, group or individual harmonization. They also perform the function of energetic cleansing, like Reiki, physical and spiritual liberation.

Reiki: Rei means the universe and Ki means energy.

He Reiki help in relaxation, helps strengthen the immune system and improves self-esteem. This discipline eastern origin and has various benefits against pain and stress.

This therapy is based on the belief that People are energy, and it can be channeled to achieve certain benefits.. Contribute positive effectsif we take into account that this addition to traditional medicine.

Complementary therapy: Reiki

Reikistthat is, a person who specializes in this practice, directs universal life energy to the client through hands and positive intention.

Reiki is called a healing therapy. energy medicine because practitioners can improve energy flow and balance. Energy imbalances or changes are believed to subsequently cause various diseases and ailments.

Around the world people use It is a therapy for pain, stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety and many other conditions. However, it is important to clarify that this therapy does not replace drug treatment, but rather complements its effect. Apply through different hand positions. throughout the body to influence the chakras or as a massage.

Missionary flowers: nature that heals

More and more people are inclined to contribute to their health through natural and complementary therapies. nature offers many elements to take care of body and mind. They are famous flower essences, which are now found throughout the world. Those that make up the Bach, Bush, California and Amazonian orchids. In the province, Missionary flower essences have wide benefits and are used in a variety of situations.. Since the beginning of 2001, research and testing began until currently proposed a complete system of flowers born on red earth.

Complementary Therapy: Flower Essences

Missionary Flower Essences are a therapy and are not a substitute for other treatments. The system offers an integrative approach“This is not a cure,” they explained. “This does not replace any medical advice, but rather accompanies, supports and gives hope,” explained that the creators of the missionary flower system were Karen Rita Ryberg and Fabian Bachmann.

Precious therapy: stones with healing powers

crystals and stones These are the natural resources provided by the earth and charged with energy. Precious therapyThis additional practice which applies energy crystals for healing the body and mind.

Based research and studiesThey were identified properties what crystals have and “how” help the physical, emotional and energetic body

Pranic crystal therapy is used to treat depression, anxiety, severe stress, arthritis, osteoarthritis, stomach pain, headaches and other ailments.

Complementary stone and crystal therapy

To receive the benefits of the stone’s energy, people must be open and receptive to healing. Any additional therapy requires predisposition and “Striving to complement the path of medicine is very important, and we always emphasize this first to the doctor and then here,” Marianela Miguez from the El Faro Dorado Foundation told Canal12.

Faro Dorado works with the Vanda mining companies, which follow the same line of knowledge: “we put 100% on Misiones and they also know what use each crystal has,” Miguez said.

Aromatherapy: in development

aromatherapy This is a therapy that uses scent to activate certain glands that produce hormones that promote well-being.. Thanks to the aroma of herbs, this complementary therapy Improves balance of mind, body and spirit.

There are smells that cause fear or uncertainty, but the scent of flowers in the garden provides security. Aromatherapy studies how the aroma of herbs and recipes makes you feel.

Complementary treatments, aromatherapy

Citrus aromas add freshness. The floral aroma adds tenderness. Wooden ones create a feeling of security. Protection, healing, cleansing are some of the properties or sensations they evoke.

Many missionaries choose to supplement this with aromatherapy, treatments or, in certain situations, using mists made by Liz Nogueira of Espacio Zen. He sees in Misiones “a greater openness to this type of complementary therapy. And he added that nowadays “even doctors are turning to these treatments.”

Complementary treatments complement traditional medicine. Misiones’ pioneering legislation that included these methods in medical benefits was a historic event. Since then, counselors and therapists have gained recognition in the practice of integrative medicine. Complementary therapies provide physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance to the population.

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