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The National Council for Higher Education (Cones) today closed two Medical Sciences courses at the María Serrana private university. It was after the house of studies tried to issue some 40 titles to people who had not studied subjects, which led the council to intervene in the institution. The university presented forged signatures of MEC authorities. In principle, there are 5,000 students who are enrolled in the courses.

Narcizo Velazquezpresident of National Council for Higher Education (Cones)reported that the intervention of the Maria Serrana University began in July 2021 and ended today, with the closing of its two medicine courses, the of the headquarters and of East City.

The president reported that nine months ago the Cones received a complaint that signatures of officials the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) they had been counterfeit to endorse study certificates of students. The portfolio had detected the irregularity when the María Serrana University issued the titles and reported it to the Cones.

Supposedly the students had finished their medical degree and for this reason the title pack before the MEC to be registered. The titles were accompanied by the 40 certificates with false signatures. It was there that the Title Registry Office of the MEC rejected the package, because in reality they did not have legalization. In addition to denouncing the incident in front of the Cones, a complaint was also filed with the Attorney General.

The Cones then decided to intervene the two medicine courses. The headquarters, located in Asunción, and the subsidiary in Ciudad del Este. During the process, the auditors found that there is no clarity in the academic process. Halfway through the intervention, the university stopped collaborating and provide information. Finally, it was decided to close both races.

Likewise, the Cones summoned for 30 days to the María Serrana University to submit a report responding with all the information requested about their other careers. if they do not respond, the institution runs the risk of being closed completely.

Due to the lack of information, the Cones does not manage the total number of students in the university or the number of those affected by the closure of the careers, but in principle they would be 5,000 students of Medicine. The Cones will begin to investigate the races of Business, Legal Sciences, Nursing, among others; at the headquarters, Ciudad del Este and Vallemí.

“Doctors” would attend patients without having completed the race

On the other hand, Velázquez accepted that there is still work to analyze the situation of the graduates of this university, as many could be registered as doctors and attending patients without having done the race.

Finally, the Cones reported that all the data was presented through a complaint to the Public ministry, in such a way that both the authorities involved in the university are investigated, as well as the students who pretended to be doctors without necessary knowledge. Velázquez assured that they could have civil and criminal implication.

As for the students who are currently studying Medicine, they will be able to avail themselves of the resolution 389/16 “Which regulates the procedure for the reinsertion in the Formal Higher Education System of Students from Closed Higher Education Institutions or from Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate Programs Closed or without Enabling”.

The students they should try who actually studied the subjects and then will have the opportunity to validate subjects and continue their education in another university.

They asked for reports from all the universities in the absence

When asked about what other similar processes are carried out, the president of Cones stated that they have sent grades to all higher education institutions with health sciences careers that are missing according to the report of National Agency for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education (Aneaes). All races must report their situation. The process can end in closures.

Susan Lugo, secretary of the Cones, reminded the students that on the website you can access the complete list careers authorized by the institution.

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