Conor McGregor’s TRX workout for his abs

    Focused on his imminent debut as an actor – he is going to shoot the remake of Hard by profession with Jake Gyllenhal– and gaining more kilos of muscle, Conor McGregor has now shown a video on his social networks training his abs with TRX. Although the former UFC champion now weighs more than 85 kilos, he still keeps his six pack intact, and it is strong and very defined, as in his best days in the octagon. (The 10 best exercises with TRX to train at home).

    His TRX workout consists of leg shrugs with feet dangling from the TRXs to activate the entire core area and hit the abs. We have already talked to you on some occasion about the benefits of suspension training, less harmful and aggressive for your joints. To better define your abs, also do the abdominal wheel, the isometric plank and the bar leg raises.

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    Meanwhile, his return to the UFC has been almost completely ruled out. It is even rumored that he has rejected a rematch in the boxing ring against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather, which would bring him many millions of euros; although he is already the highest paid athlete in the world with 180 million dollars in earnings last year.

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