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The world of sports is becoming increasingly complex, and with the advent of new disciplines given wellbeing paradigm shift. More and more people are looking to adopt habits that promote a healthier lifestyle, from taking care of their diet to exercising frequently. However, social networks have facilitated the popularization processes of many disciplines; this is how users become familiar with daily routines or activities. physical exercises that suit them best; be it simplicity, time or opportunity.

Personal training center KMT Studio created his own teaching method with the goal of improving people’s quality of life through personalized learning.


The main function of this training is that a person gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you move during the day. Beyond the way you sit or stand, it aims to improve how body aesthetics for example, quality of life or mood. Well, correct posture is closely related to positive emotions.

It is a self-learning tool with profound and long-lasting benefits.


-ADAPTATION TO THE CUSTOMER. One of the core philosophies of the K method is that It doesn’t matter that the process is slow, but that it is constant. Thus, the client starting this journey with novice movement experience undergoes an acclimatization phase of two to three months. If you have intermediate or advanced experience, it is given from one to two months.

-REAL DEVELOPMENT OF STRENGTH. The quality of strength as a base is an improvement that is achieved after performing movement patterns that mimic daily functional movements. Thus, it is trained along with bodyweight work and weight lifting. However, the intensity and difficulty gradually increase. Thanks to the use of equipment –weights mainly barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls… etc. – this is done in autonomous and personalized.

-WITHOUT SHOES. Be in ground contact allows you to perform movements more efficiently. This is due to the structure of the foot, making it easier to balance than wearing sneakers. In addition, walking barefoot allows an increase in the amount of information entering the nervous system about the center gravity and the force required to move, thereby activating muscles and stabilizers.

-IMPROVEMENT OF WELL-BEING. Compliance with Method K means improvement body proprioception, increased basal metabolism and improved sleep quality. It places well-being above aesthetic goals, which increases a person’s self-esteem, discipline and determination. As a “side effect” you get an improvement in aesthetics and effort.


You can choose from several formats to access training. Although each lesson is individual, there are several disciplines.

-ONE. One hour of training one with a coach.

-DUET. Hourly classes in pair.

-PREMIUM. Session ended 90 minutes for superior training.

-PRIVATE COMPANIES AND GROUPS. Sessions up to three persons the maximum in order not to deviate too far from personalization and adaptation.

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