“Considering the reactions it generated, I like it better”

He Journalist Jose Enrique Monrosi LaSexta Explica has given its opinion on the controversy that occurred this Saturday Poster for Holy Week in Seville 2024 , which has created a huge stir in just a few hours. Image, a representation of risen christ painter’s work salustiano garciahas provoked criticism ultraconservative voices On social networks.

“I think so beautiful and amazing…Most of all, considering the reactions it generated, I like it better,” Monrossey insisted, Famous brothers and Sevillians, In this sense, he has offered the following reflection: “Surely, anyone who is not from Seville and has not been to an extremely popular festival can have the concept of a closed and stale traditionnothing could be further from the truth”.

“This is a particularly loud party in many polite neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city. If this poster arouses the interest of the uninterested, it is welcome. I understand the criticism because we live in a time in this country in which plays are censored To the extreme right. Luckily, there is no Holy Week in Seville a closed and stale circle As some people would like, this is also the same poster,” defended the journalist, as can be seen in the video above these lines.

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