Consumers will be able to demand that manufacturers fix products

Coffee maker breaks, we buy a new one. The dishwasher creates the problem, we get rid of it. It is often easier to replace these types of products than to repair them. And the European Union has conspired to end the practice with the aim of reducing the millions of tonnes of waste generated each year on the continent. The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have reached an agreement based on a proposal by the European Commission to strengthen the right to compensation.

The intention of the Directive is to give consumers a legal umbrella so that they can demand manufacturers to fix products that are technically repairable. They will be obliged to do so as well as provide information in this regard and provide online access to repair prices of home appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners and even mobile phones.

The new rule, which member states must bring into line with their national legislation within a two-year period after entry into force, will ban contractual or technical barriers that manufacturers often use through hardware or software systems to avoid repairs. Are. Similarly, preventing the use of second-hand or 3D generated parts by independent repairers will not be permitted.

“Negotiators agreed that each Member State must introduce at least one measure to promote repairs, such as vouchers and repair funds, information campaigns, repair courses or support for community-led repair spaces, or , accordingly with the existing rules on taxation. , Reduction in the VAT rate on repair services,” the European Parliament said in a statement.

Within the warranty period, the consumer can choose whether to replace the device with a new one or repair it. If you opt for repair, the warranty coverage will be extended for another year.

The agreement also includes the establishment of a European information form that repairers can offer free of charge to consumers with clear information on the conditions of repairs, the time for completion of their work, prices or replacement products. An online platform will also be promoted to connect consumers and repairers.

“Europe clearly chooses repair rather than eradication. By providing repair facilities for defective items, we not only give new life to our products, but we also create good quality jobs, reduce our waste, limit our dependence on foreign raw materials and protect our environment. “says the Belgian Secretary of State for Budget and Consumer Protection, Alexia Bertrand, who, as rotating President of the Council, is responsible for leading the negotiations. The person in charge of the file in the European Parliament, socialist René Repassi, says are, “In the future, it will be easier and cheaper to repair products instead of purchasing new and expensive products.”

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