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ANDSports are usually the most expensive leisure activity for “the people.” ActuallyThe current craze for attending major world sporting events has led to excessive price increases. As they vulgarly say in Spain: They are snatching them out of my hands!

Moreover, the influence of social media has done nothing more than increase, if possible, the value of being at the crime scene. Selfie culture is teams’ best ally.

It’s not all bad news. In an era of inflation, the huge current supply makes it possible to find prices for any budget.. There are events that are beyond the reach of almost any fan, but in general, and with forethought, you can get tickets for most disciplines.

Comparing ticket prices is a complex task because there are many variables involved. for example, the country in question, the size of the sport or the need for petitions. In this complex world, organizers have to set prices that fill their stadiums and are not abusive.

We put ourselves in the shoes of a random fan who wants to buy a ticket to an event. We left the VIP area and found ourselves in front of an incredible panorama of prices. From seats located close to the track to areas with poor visibility. The range is practically endless.

US Sports: NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL.

Americans are masters at selling tickets. Toppings all year round at quite high prices, which ultimately becomes a real wealth for the lagging tourist. However, There are significant differences in ticket prices across the four major leagues in the United States.

The NBA is taking the lead by turning iconic fields into temples like Arena (Staples Center), TD Garden (Boston) or Madison Square Garden in New York. Attending one of these games has become something more than just basketball, and the demand for it is fierce.

NBA Arena: Lakers-Suns

  • Cheapest: $83.
  • Most expensive: $5,900.
  • Chief Justice: $14,0000.

– TD Garden: Celtics-Spurs

  • Cheapest: $111.
  • Most expensive: $1620.


American football has become the king of sports in the United States, both in terms of media coverage and television viewership. The NFL game currently has no rivals. The stadiums, which hold 80,000 people, are full every day and tickets are prohibitively expensive.

In particular, the legendary San Clara 49ers The cheapest ticket for the divisional showdown against the Green Bay Packers is $510. The most expensive seat for “mortals” costs $1,440, while the VIP area costs a sky-high $3,570. Of course, that’s a far cry from nearly $15,000 for a foot court seat to see the Lakers.

Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara: 49ers vs. Packers

  • Cheapest: US$510.
  • Most expensive: $1,440.

Major League Baseball

Baseball is becoming a great hope for the tightest budgets. Finding a last minute ticket is usually not possible and the price is more than reasonable.

At just $25 to watch the Yankees at their stadium, it could be an “inexpensive” option for any fan who wants a day of baseball.

Yankee Stadium

  • Cheapest: $25.
  • Most expensive: $1000.


Hockey rounds out the “big four” North Americans with very high and fairly restrictive prices.. Specifically, to see the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden, a fan must be willing to pay at least $178.

The wealthiest will be able to choose between a “top” seat behind the goal and a seat next to the glass for more than $2,000 and even, NBA-style, they can get a seat next to the benches for nearly $6,000.

Madison Square Garden: Rangers-Vegas Golden Knights

  • Cheapest: $178.
  • Most expensive: $2,000.

And football… is it really very expensive?

No sport can match football’s global impact. Big teams usually have a very high percentage of tickets given to subscribers, so the supply is usually very small. Few tickets at the box office means a hopeless rise in prices, hence their high cost. But are they really that expensive? Answer: It depends on who you compare him to.

Taking as an example Real Madrid and Barcelona and equipping it with other “giants” of sports, such as 49ers or Lakersit is obvious that two Spanish clubs They don’t have too crazy prices releasing, as we have already said, few tickets for sale. Of course, if, on the contrary, the comparison will be painful with teams from the Premier League or Bundesliga, where prices are much more popular.

– LaLiga EA Sports

Santiago Bernabu: Real Madrid-Almera

  • Cheapest: 70 euros.
  • The most expensive: 175 euros.

Luce Company Stadium: Barcelona-Villarreal

  • Cheapest: 69
  • Most expensive: 164

– Premier League

Anfield: Liverpool (Premier League matches)

  • Cheapest: 34.89 euros.
  • Most expensive: 69.78 euros.

Old Trafford: Manchester United (Premier League matches)

  • Cheapest: 45.36 euros.
  • Most expensive: 73.27 euros.


Allianz Arena: Bayern Munich (Bundesliga matches)

  • Cheapest: 15 euros.
  • The most expensive: 80 euros.

Signal Iduna Park: Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga matches)

  • Cheapest: 18.50 euros.
  • The most expensive: 70 euros.


The most important basketball competition after the NBA is the Euroleague. A spectacular championship that guarantees great games week after week. And what are the ticket prices? Is there much difference with your rich American brother?

Answer: yes. The difference is almost three times between watching a Real Madrid game at Wisink Stadium and watching a Lakers game at Staples Stadium. The cheapest tickets cost about 30 euros, and the most expensive (non-VIP) tickets cost about 120. It’s even cheaper to go to Palau to support Barça. For example, 18 euros for the cheapest ticket to see Barcelona – Alba Berlin, and only 56 euros for a seat next to the field. Another world, come on.

-Vizink Center: Real Madrid-Maccabi

  • Cheapest: 30 euros.
  • The most expensive: 120 euros.

-Palau Baulgrana: Barcelona-Alba Berlin

  • Cheapest: 18 euros.
  • The most expensive: 56 euros.


Formula 1 has become one of the most spectacular and luxurious events on the planet. There are Grand Prix that are created for a very specific audience and are far from the real possibilities of the average fan. The top team was the Las Vegas Grand Prix, whose cheapest tickets were €500 for practice only and did not include a seat.

By lowering the level a little and bringing the view closer to Barcelona, ​​the situation changes dramatically. Going to the Spanish Grand Prix at Montmel is expensive but affordable for some pockets. The most popular “packages” are usually those that include the entire weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) in a “pelouse” (without allocated space) for the lower price of 210 euros. For 70 euros per day, a fan can watch practice, qualifying and the race.

However, the podium is in another dimension. 710 euros is the most expensive amount for the three days of the Grand Prix. The position is excellent and the seat is secured.

Circuit Montmel: Spanish Grand Prix 2024

  • Most economical package: 210 euros from Friday to Sunday (pelouse)
  • Most expensive package: 710 euros from Friday to Sunday (booth)


What about motorcycles? MotoGP’s spectacle has little to envy Formula 1, although its global impact is smaller and is one of the factors driving ticket prices down. You don’t have to go far and just look at the table of prices for motorcycles in Montmel to be convinced that there is a difference with cars.

The same offer from Friday to Sunday comes out at a lower price – 75 euros. In addition, the most expensive stand (the one at the end of the straight) costs 170 euros.

Montmel: Catalan Grand Prix 2024

  • Cheapest package: 75 euros from Friday to Sunday (pelouse).
  • Most expensive package: 170 euros from Friday to Sunday (booth)


Every sport has its own difficulty, but tennis has the edge when it comes to tickets. It is almost impossible to arrange a meeting with a specific player in time, since the official schedule is published only the day before the game. Despite this, the demand is huge, especially when it comes to the Grand Slam tournament.

In fact, Wimbledon is a very special occasion. Every five years, it puts on sale special season tickets, giving the right to attend any match during the five-year period in question, for the sum of 70,000 euros. The profile of people who purchase this subscription is very far from the profile of a real tennis fan who has to agree to attend on a certain day and not know the main characters of each match.

-Wimbledon 2024

  • Center Court first week 104.65 euros
  • Last center court: €319.76.

-Roland Garros 2024

  • Center Court first week: 75 euros
  • Last center court: 230 euros.

-Mutua Madrid Open 2024

  • Central court first week: from 32 to 36 euros.
  • Final: 160 and 190 euros.


Few things get more adrenaline pumping than a good hand-to-hand fight. Whether it’s classic boxing or the UFC, the ability to sit ringside is a luxury only available to a select few.

The UFC boom has generated huge interest in the new competition, which is attracting big names. In addition, the next big fight will be the Spaniard Ilya Topuria against Volkanovski in Los Angeles.

Honda Center of Anaheim: Topuria vs. Volkanovski

  • Cheapest: $255.
  • Most expensive: $3,305.


Saudi Arabia: Fury vs. Usyk

  • Cheapest: 200 euros.
  • The most expensive: 943 euros.


Major golf tournaments usually coexist with an aura of elitism, which, judging by the price table, is not very far from reality. The best example is Augusta Masters and his well-known policies are so restrictive that from an economic point of view they become crazy subscription for four days of the tournament: $8,451.

The Masters tournament itself only offers the opportunity to attend the final day of the tournament by paying an entry fee of $2,206.

To put these prices into perspective, we look at Madrid and its annual tournament, where Jon Rahm’s presence is almost guaranteed every year. The difference is so big that it’s scary: 80 euros for a pass for four gives 35 euros for a ticket for Sunday.

-Augusta Masters 2024

  • 4-day subscription: $8,451
  • Sunday ticket: $2,206.

– Acciona Open Spain 2024

  • Pass from Thursday to Sunday: 80 euros.
  • Entry on Sunday: 35 euros.


The summer of 2024 will be full of great events, led by the Paris Olympics, which are scheduled for an ongoing price dispute. It’s true that the organization has included popular entries in some lesser-known tests, but The criticism is that prices are inflated, for example in athletics, where you have to pay almost 1,000 euros for the most important days of competition.

-Olympic Games in Paris.

  • They vary depending on the sport: from 24 euros for golf to 990 euros for athletics.

-Euro 2024

  • Cheapest group stage: 30 euros.
  • Cheapest final: 95 euros.
  • The most expensive group stage: 200 euros.
  • The most expensive price for the final: 1000 euros.

-America’s Cup 2024

  • Cheapest group stage: $50.
  • Cheapest final: $200.
  • Most expensive group stage: 250.
  • Most expensive for the final: 500.

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