Conviasa warns about false sales of tickets from Cuba to Nicaragua

The Venezuelan airline Conviasa, one of the airlines, which makes direct flights to Nicaragua from Cuba, warned through a message this week on its social networks about false sales of air tickets in its name. Conviasa made a warning to users not to be scammed.

“Don’t be scammed! The agencies authorized by Conviasa are published in the highlights of Instagram in the account @laconviasa”, they published in their official account in Twitter.

They added that “unscrupulous people continue to offer fake airline tickets and scam travelers.” The company refers to a message posted in the group of Facebook of “Flights to Nicaragua” of a certain Lyon Valdés. Here some alleged flights are promoted for April 20, direct, at $4,300 per person.

Conviasa reiterates that all these ads are false. Some users accused the company itself that the promoters of these ads were “the same employees as their managers.” But the truth is that the desperation of many Cubans for a connection to Nicaragua has led them to many scams, after depositing a lot of money.

“Avoid falling into a scam or buying your air tickets at excessive prices. In the following publication we show an agency that is dedicated to scamming travelers. We remind you that the authorized agencies are published in the highlights of Instagram”, they say again from Conviasa.

Almost all the agencies that the Venezuelan company shows in its reports are false agencies and that are supposedly scamming Cuban passengers, are based in the United States.


By April 2022: José Martí International Airport (Havana). Wednesdays and Saturdays arrive from Caracas. Wednesdays and Saturdays it leaves for Managua. Thursday and Sunday arrives from Managua. Thursdays and Sundays it leaves for Caracas.

We remember that Conviasa has a physical office in Havana and they offer this email, for any questions: [email protected]. Conviasa is located at Calle 23, Esq. No. 64, Edif. IACC, Vedado.

Nicaragua has become the destination most demanded by Cubans, due to the free visa, being a springboard for entry to the United States, for more than 47 thousand Cubans since last November.

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