Copa del Rey quarter-final draw: schedule, TV, when and where to watch online

Quarter-finalists of the Spanish Cup They will be looking forward to meeting their next opponent. with the belief that they can overcome a new step that will bring them closer to winning this prestigious trophy. The eight surviving teams will advance to the next round, with some who were favorites on paper having fallen by the wayside.

As an exciting tournament like the Copa del Rey approaches its final rounds, the tension increases, especially since the format has been changed and the rules have been established. qualifying rounds played in one matchwhat these quarterfinals will be like.

No team wants to fail everyone sees the goal of reaching the semi-finals as close as possiblewhere there is already a two-legged draw, you are guaranteed to play the match in front of your fans and get an extra life in case the first match does not go according to the desired scenario.

In case of a draw, The regulation specifies that extra time and penalties will be played, that is, the usual outcome when in competitions of this type the end of the match is achieved as a draw on the scoreboard. The same case will occur if, at the end of regulation time of the second semi-final match, neither of the two teams can win on the scoreboard.

Schedule: what time is the draw for the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey?

The drawing will take place on Friday, January 19th at 1:00 p.m. Peninsula soon as all 16 qualifying matches have been completed, provided that there is no unforeseen event such as a power outage, which led to the disqualification of the Unionistas-Villarreal round of 16 match, which the Salamanca team eventually won.

Television: where to watch the Copa del Rey quarter-final draw?

The draw can be followed live via Teledeporte and Movistar+.. The event will take place in the Luis Aragones hall of the football city of Las Rozas and will determine the four matches that we will see in the next stage of the Copa del Rey.

Internet: how to follow the Copa del Rey quarter-final draw online?

The draw can be followed live on the official channels of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Also you can watch live on air As.comwith the best coverage of the event and all matches every minute.

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