Coromoto ice cream shop reopens its doors in Merida

What’s good news, Heladería de los 1000 Sabores, or traditionally known as Heladería Coromoto in Mérida, has reopened its doors to delight locals and visitors with its special ice cream creations.

By Jesús Quintero / correspondent

Coromoto Ice Cream Shop, founded by Manuel da Silva in 1981, managed to sweeten the tastes of nationals and foreigners with some special flavors, surpassing the traditional taste, and holding two Guinness World Records as the ice cream store with the most flavors. Earned. They received their first award in 1991 for 368 flavors and again in 1996 for 593 flavors.

An essential stop for those who choose the “City of Los Caballeros” as their vacation destination at any time of the year.

A must stop is the 1000 Flavors Ice Cream Parlor where sometimes great personalities from the world of cinema and television come together to enjoy 1,000 Flavors.

New creations in flavors and the usual classics that can not stop being enjoyed by people who have been coming for several generations to enjoy an excellent taste experience in Plaza el Llano at the corner of 29th Street and 3rd Avenue in the heart of the city of Merida Let’s come.

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