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Wembley dressed up to host the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund And real Madrid. Neither Edin Terzic nor Carlo Ancelotti have introduced any major new features, and the box (Zidane, Ferguson, Klopp, Figo, Raul…) is at the peak of twenty-two protagonists. Despite the breaks in the opening minutes and several spontaneous attempts that forced the referee to stop the game, the main character of the first half was the pace. And this benefited the Germans, who created more danger and they neutralized the offensive artillery of Madrid, which was never found.

Eduardo Camavinga

In his first appearance in the Champions League final Camavinga seemed somewhat nervous and unsteady. In the first quarter of an hour he made two untimely tackles and was the protagonist of the defeat, which ended with Füllkrug hitting the post in the first half.. With the ball accompanied by Kroos and Valverde, he walked unnoticed, without space and unable to carry out his characteristic movements.

Antonio Rudiger

German central defender, Ancelotti’s key player for Madrid throughout the season. He appeared in a photograph of Adeyemi’s first performance. He missed the ball and made a mistake that only Courtois’ shadow between the sticks could correct. He also didn’t show the usual power and had almost no weight when launching the ball.


The Brazilian, who has been the focus of his comments this week, did not appear at Wembley in the first half. He didn’t drag out his position to attract defenders, as he usually does. He was also not included in a team with either Vinicius or Bellingham and, although he tried to switch positions with his compatriot, he barely touched the ball a couple of times.

Ferland Mendy

With virtually no help from Vinicius and Kroos overwhelmed by the pace of the game, Mendy did not show the defensive solidity he usually displays.. He had zero involvement in attack, focusing more on Brandt and Sancho than proposing solutions on the left flank.

Nacho Fernandez

The captain, perhaps in his last game in a white jacket, was not entirely right. On many occasions, he chose to jump over Borussia Dortmund defenders to open up space behind them. Despite this, he resolutely stopped dangerous actions.

Jude Bellingham

cafein free. This is how you can define the first part of the English language. He played at home, although he did not feel comfortable. He, as usual, tried to support Kroos in preparation and Vinicius in attack. In defense he emptied himself and provided constant assistance to Mendy. Madrid continues to concede goals…

Toni Kroos

The German midfielder failed to find his groove in the first half. Stunned by the pace of the match, which was more favorable to Borussia Dortmund than to Real Madrid, the white club missed rest and tranquility. In releasing the ball, where he distinguishes himself with his vision and pause, he did not make much of a difference.

Dani Carvajal

Spanish right back again became one of the most outstanding, with presence in attack and mischief in defense. He found it difficult to restrain the hyperactive Adeyemi, who warned Courtois twice, but managed to become decisive again on day D.


Vinicius’s first match was a continuation of his season. A constant generator of chances, he outscored Ryerson every one. He was valued on the left, on the right, and also in the center, as a striker, in a position for which he had already developed.

Fede Valverde

The Uruguayan midfielder, who had virtually no possession of the ball, produced an outstanding physical display in the opening 45 minutes. He helped Carvajal, stretched the team in attack and, although he was unlucky, tried from outside the penalty area, wants to tickle the Borussia Dortmund defense.

Thibaut Courtois

After a season marked by injuries, Courtois recovered as he always did: largely. He was intimidating enough to stop everything. Adeyemi suffered this first in a one-on-one situation in which his presence alone was sufficient (he did not touch the ball). He then saved a cross and a header from Füllkrug. Belgian goalkeeper playing at half-time He remembered the one in which he starred against Liverpool. in the 21-22 season.

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