Covid-19, the latest drug is already available in the pharmacies of Rome-

from Francesco Di Frischia

This was announced by Federfarma after the stop due to the fact that the new antiviral had the “leaflet” only in English. The medicine can be prescribed by the family doctor. Meanwhile, another 3,394 cases in Lazio yesterday. The ratio of tests to positives is 13.9%

It is already available in Roman pharmacies the new antiviral drug, Nirmatrelvir, for the early treatment of Covid-19 patients. The medicine, which can be prescribed by the family doctor, has also won its battle against bureaucracy. They announce it from Federfarma Rome, the trade association of pharmacy owners. Meanwhile yesterday out of 24,378 swabs carried out in Lazio, 3,394 new positives were recorded (37 less than on Friday); there are 5 deaths (-2); 809 hospitalized patients (-11) and 48 patients in intensive care (-3). The ratio of positives to swabs is 13.9%. The cases in Rome city are 1,800.

Returning to the new drug, from the first week of February this year, the experimental medicine was available for the treatment of adult patients with recent “mild-moderate” infection who do not require oxygen therapy and with risk factors for the development of Covid-19 “strict”. After passing the tests of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (Ema), the drug received a stop because “the leaflet” (the leaflet contained in each package) it was printed in English only. Federfarma Roma has circumvented the problem by exploiting the documents of Aifa (the Italian Medicines Agency) made available to the Region. In this way, pharmacies were able to begin distributing the drug earlier than in other large cities (for example, in Milan it will start tomorrow). “The decree that authorized the marketing was made known over the Easter weekend – he recalls Andrea Cicconetti, president of Federfarma Rome – and in 36 hours we have shown that we are in a position to offer the antiviral drug to citizens ». The package leaflet in Italian «was made available by the Region which received the documents directly from AIFA – adds Cicconetti – and the pharmacies had developed the vending machine. At that point there was another slowdown because the packages destined for Italy had not arrived. Fortunately the Region anticipated and diverted the packaging of the hospital circuit towards private pharmacies and the mechanism started up again ». Thus, in each package, patients can find antiviral therapy at the pharmacy: 4 tablets a day to be taken as soon as possible, especially for the elderly.

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