Covid, Ecdc map: Italy still all in dark red

The whole of Italy remains in dark red, in the range of greatest Covid risk, according to the latest update of the color map of the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control), which is processed on the basis of the new registered cases in the last 14 days per 100 thousand inhabitants and the positive rate between the tests carried out, weighted by the vaccination rate of the population. And while more and more areas of Europe are marked by the gray color that signals a test rate of less than 600 per 100 thousand inhabitants, an insufficient level to determine the stratification of Covid risk, the yellow areas are expanding (beyond a part of Romania also a of the Czech Republic and one of Denmark), but the green ones are reduced (the remainder of Romania).

Dark red is the dominant color in much of the central block of the EU: in addition to the Italian peninsula, all of France, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Portugal to the west and some regions of Spain are of this color. which remains partly light red, further east Greece and north Finland. Latvia remains in light red, while Lithuania leaves this risk band to switch to gray. Slovakia goes from dark red to light red. Light red also parts of the Czech Republic and Denmark, as well as Ireland and Iceland, while Croatia is divided between the light red and the gray that now characterizes entire countries such as Hungary, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, this week also Bulgaria (formerly yellow) and all of Poland (which had flashes of green), as well as part of Spain. For Germany, reached this week by Estonia which was light red last week, there are “insufficient data available” for the purposes of the map.

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