Covid in Emilia Romagna today, the bulletin of 5 May 2022: data and infections

Bologna, 5 May 2022 – Yesterday there was a further increase in infections in the region: 4,306, against 2,354 on Tuesday and 2,540 on Monday. The pandemic curve continues to oscillate and, despite the mask being removed in many places, at work the obligation is back. In addition, a new variant, or rather, a new sub-variant, has been found in Bologna: the Omicron 4.

The microbiologist of Sant’Orsola, Tiziana Lazzarottohe said, in an interview with Carlino, that this is the third case in Italy and he is a patient admitted to the Polyclinic.

Covid Emilia Romagna: today's bulletin 5 May
Covid Emilia Romagna: today’s bulletin 5 May

Bulletins focus: Veneto – Marche

Agenas: data on the employment of hospital wards

It stops at 4%in the last 24 hours in Italy, the employment of intensive care (a year ago it was 27%) by patients with Covid-19. Employment in the departments of ‘non-critical area‘, which marks the 15% (exactly one year ago it was 29%), even if some regions still exceed the 20% threshold – but Emilia Romagna is not among them. These are the data ofNational Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas) of May 4, 2022, published today.

However, even in our region, as in Basilicata, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and Umbria, theoccupancy of places in intensive care by patients with Covid-19: in the last 24 hours it is attested to 4%. Fortunately, no region exceeds the 10% threshold. As for the occupation of places in the hospital wards of non-critical area, in Emilia Romagna remained stable (15%).

Covid Emilia Romagna, today’s data

Waiting for today’s datayesterday there were 4.306 new cases e 27 dead. There was then a drop of hospitalizations in Covid departments (-38), compared to a slight increase in intensive care (+2).

Bulletin Italy of 5 May

Yesterday in Italy there were 47,039 new infections from Covid, with 152 victims. There was a slight increase in admissions to intensive care: +5, for a total of 371 patients. The hospitalized in the ordinary wards were 9,614, or 81 fewer than the day before. In the afternoon we will publish today’s updated data.

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