Covid, new Omicron 4 variant: identified in Monza for the first time in Italy

Monza, 29 April 2022 – Covid, la Omicron variant 4 isolated for the first time in Italy at the San Gerardo di Monza. Today the hospital’s Microbiology laboratory has genotyped BA.4, the new sub-variant of Omicron on which the attention of the World Health Organization (WHO) is focused. Omicron 4 was identified by analyzing the swab of a patient in the Monza laboratory inserted in the network of 17 Lombard centers that deal precisely with the identification and isolation of variants.

Omicron 4 had been isolated for the first time in South Africa already between January and February, subsequently the variant BA.4 was also sequenced in England, Scotland, Denmark. “For these variants (also BA.5), evidence is available on genomic, epidemiological or in vitro properties that could have a significant impact on transmissibility, severity and / or immunity; realistically they could have an impact on the epidemiological situation in the European Union or in the European Economic Area. However, the evidence is still preliminary or associated with great uncertainty, ”the report from ECDC, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

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