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Samsung Electronics introduced its Visual eXperience Transformation (VXT) platform, a cloud-based content management solution (CMS) that integrates asset management and remote signage into a secure, unified platform. Designed for ease of use, this comprehensive solution allows businesses to easily create and manage digital signage.

Samsung VXT represents the latest evolution of MagicINFO CMS software, providing an advanced cloud-based solution specifically designed to facilitate content creation and display management in B2B environments, including LCD products, LED signage and The Wall.

“Migration to the cloud is an irresistible trend” said Alex Lee, executive vice president of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. In this sense “VXT is an innovative step towards this migration by making high-tech signage more accessible, no matter where our customers are located, and easier to use.”

Intuitive content and screen management

Unlike other CMS solutions, Samsung VXT is a custom solution that allows users to easily create content and manage screens from a single application. It includes three CMS modules: VXT CMS, VXT Canvas and VXT Players, each of which makes content creation and display management easier:

  • VXT Content Management System: A simplified content manager with an intuitive interface that simultaneously manages content, playlists and schedules to manage multiple devices in real time. Additionally, its extensive security features such as private certificates offer security solutions for any business need.
  • Canvas VXT: a set of creative tools based on the WYSIWYG principle (what you see is what you get) allow anyone to easily and intuitively create content based on templates, widgets and content from partner companies or according to companies’ own design guidelines using fonts, templates and saved images.
  • VXT Players: Samsung VXT works with players based on the Tizen and Android operating systems, and can also control several web elements simultaneously from one screen. In addition, the virtual web screen allows users to easily view, manage and launch their installations.

Samsung Visual Experience Transformation (VXT) is a scalable platform designed to optimize content management on digital displays in enterprise sectors.

Pre-Integrated Repeatable Solutions (PIRS) include:

  • VXT art– A diverse library of quality art and photography, drawn from a variety of museums and art galleries, for use in many types of businesses, from offices to restaurants and more.
  • Link my POS terminal: This solution from Wisar Digital allows companies to use VXT Canvas to extract product data from the systems that manage their point of sale (POS), eliminating the need for manual data entry or export. Link My POS improves overall efficiency and reduces pricing errors, saving time and money.
  • Ngine Property: Developed in collaboration with Ngine Networks, this solution allows real estate companies to display properties for sale or rent using VXT without the need for re-entry of data by connecting directly to their platforms.
  • Ngine Automotive industry: Adapted to the car sales sector, motorcycles or boats for sale or rent are displayed by directly connecting to screens without the need to re-enter information. Messages can also be published on social networks. This solution is also made possible through a partnership with Ngine Networks.

Seamless control and management from anywhere in the world

With support for desktop and mobile devices, Samsung VXT transforms content management to meet both the advanced demands of desktop users and the convenience required by mobile users. This versatility allows users to manage their content anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, the platform is designed to significantly reduce downtime during signaling operations. With its advanced modular architecture, VXT isolates and minimizes the impact of any failure, allowing users to quickly resolve any failures. VXT also includes an early warning tool that detects potential problems, such as sudden temperature changes or network instability, and alerts users before an outage occurs. This provides peace of mind to clients, allowing them to take preventative measures or reduce recovery time.

Additionally, the energy management tool offers a quick overview of energy consumption levels. Customers can optimize energy use through monthly reports and customize settings such as brightness and auto-on/off schedules to suit their needs.


Samsung will launch the Visual eXperience Transformation (VXT) platform globally during the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 event in Barcelona on January 31.

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