Cristiano Ronaldo spoke for the first time about his retirement

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to surprise the world with its high competitiveness, despite the past years. He’s still Portugal national team He recently became the world’s leading calendar year goalscorer with his 54th goal.

“Commander” has been criticized several times for his age and has been repeatedly questioned in the press about his withdrawalHowever, “El Bicho” decided to talk about it for the first time and clarify rumors about his retirement.

Today Ronaldo scored his last goal in 2023. An-Nasrbecoming the only scorer in history becoming the top scorer in three different decades (2008, 2015 and 2023). At the same time, he assured that he was satisfied with what had been achieved. Here’s what he said after the match: “I’m happy. I scored a lot of goals. I want to do it again, I want to be the top scorer in the world in 2024.”

Having decided that he will attend the next world Cup and that he will manage to become the goalscorer of this match, he shared on his Instagram that his retirement is still far away, highlighting the number of goals he has scored this year as proof of this statement: “54. I’ll tell you when I’m done! Thank you, technology!”

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Through your social networks Inter Miami confirmed that he will play two games in Saudi Arabia as part of the Riyadh Cup season, matches that will take place during the first international tour, which will be played by David Beckham’s team, the second of which will be against Cristiano Ronaldo’s team.

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